The Pommery champagne cafe bar

@EdinburghBakers at the Pommery bar, photo courtesy of @DantoBlaBlaBlah x

This Saturday was a day of glamour and self indulgence for me with an extremely lavish trip to the pop up Champagne bar hosted in the Signet Library just off the royal mile in the centre of Edinburgh x The Pommery champagne cafe bar have created a very sophisticated and decadent little space in the Library for those looking for a bit of luxury during the Festival and I revelled in the opportunity to get dressed up and head out in to town in my finery and I felt perfectly at home in my surroundings and company.

We were there to partake in one of their Champagne afternoon teas and had been extremely well organised ย by the very busy Alison on behalf ofย The Edinburgh Bakersย to enjoy as a group during this years festival. And it was a glorious afternoon of laughter, CAKE, tea and ย of course Champers and lived up to all of my expectations.

Pommery bar

Firstly they brought us these pretty little glasses of Fizz, which tasted divine, I could certainly get used to Champagne on a regular basis I think ๐Ÿ™‚ x

Pommery bar

Then our sandwiches arrived, I think my favoured bready delight was the cucumber and mint sandwiches funnily enough, not a combination I can say that I have ever tried before, but they were closely followed by the cheese scones of yumminess x

Pommery bar

And then there was CAKE!!!!!! And they all lived up to the very high standards that we as Edinburgh Bakers have come to expect in a quality cake, the chocolate brownies were absolutely sensational!!! But my favourite by far of all these goodies was the little lemon possets………..mmmmmmmm…….It was just so creamy and…….Well……lemony!!

Pommery bar

Thought you may like to see these pretty’s a little closer, just to get you salivating!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pommery bar

And of course the Lemon Posset too………even I’m salivating again now x

Pommery bar

So all in all a huge thumbs up from Lucy!!! The surroundings were just so pretty and ornate that it just set the scene for our enjoyable Afternoon tea and allowed us to have some great fun with all the other lovely people in our company x Thanks again for organising Edinburgh bakers, you excelled yourself again x I can’t wait for the next Event at Cafe Musaย to see you all again x


My Scottish Summer

The last few days have cemented it for me that our summer is definitely well and truly behind us and reminds me that winter is fast approaching. So I thought before I look out the winterย woolliesย I would take a look back over some of the highlights of my summer and share some photos that I didn’t get the chance to blog about at the time!!

I didn’t get the chance to go on an actual holiday this year as finances dictated so, but I managed to have many day trips instead, in and around Edinburgh.ย A holiday from home you could say. x

I had a lovely day at The National Museum of Scotland with my friend Rachel in July when she came to stay for a few days from Suffolk x

I also had the chance to go back to Bo’ness and have a wander around the The Scottish Railway Museum, which is always fun!! There is always so much random memorabilia to peruse and photograph x

I also visited many castles this summer, I even managed to finally visit Edinburgh castle for the first time since I moved to Edinburgh 15 years ago…. haha x I don’t like to be rushed in to these things x

Can you identify where they all are?

And of course I managed to find myself on the Royal mile several times watching so many talented ย street performers!!!

I never tire of watching all the acts that congregate to our lovely city every year!! x Not a bad summer really! ย I’m looking forward to next summer already……haha x