BMX Legend

Well to his Aunty Lucy anyway xx

Bmx park_0075_edited-1

I was taking some cool photos of my Nephew on his bmx a couple of nights ago and thought I would share a few of them with you xx


My Panto family :o) x


What a beautiful bunch of people xx

I had the joy of taking photos again this year of the Panto my sister was Directing, which this year was Aladdin!!

My Brother in law was playing the emperor this year and many of my friends also had roles on the stage and many were helping backstage in different ways to make it all run smoothly x

It was a brilliant show, well executed by everyone involved x 100 times better than last year, which was pretty amazing at the time x

I had a great weekend hanging out with these lovely people, seeing both performances on the Saturday and then dancing the night away at the after show party.

It’s funny to think that last year at the after show party I was to shy to speak to anyone and just sat in a corner for the whole evening and was glad to get home when it finished!! To this year, I was up dancing most of the night, mingling amongst many that I consider very close friends now and ready to go on to the after show party’s, party!!! It seems like such a short time, yet an age in so many others for there to be such a transformation in me!! But thanks to the unconditional acceptance that I have received there my confidence has come on so much x

But I’m thankful that in such a small village in the north of Scotland I have so many accepting friends, whom I love hanging out with and getting to know better

I can’t wait to catch up with them all again at new year Β xx

Here’s a few of my favourite photos from the show:





And finally a little Gangnam style dancing to finish it off!!

I look forward to seeing what they do next year!! x

Have any of you seen a panto this year?

Oh no you haven’t!!!! ;p