Tis the season to release their adverts!! Tra la la la la, tra la la la x

This last week has seen the premières of all this years Christmas (Holiday) adverts. Which marks the start of the exciting lead up to the festivities over the next couple of months!! And I have to say they are up to their usual high standards. With a few new companies taking up the challenge to compete for the most extravagant commercial to hit our screens this year.

I’ve picked a small selection of my favourites so far xx

The first to be released was the Marks and Spencers advert, with a welcomed return of their old Magic and Sparkle campaign.

Then was John Lewis, whom rarely disappoint with their seasonal advert. And this year is no exception with this simply stunning visual Disney like animated contribution.

A touching little story from Boots

And then the first of the supermarkets, Morrisons!! I think it may be because I love Beauty and the beast so much that I like this one so much x

And then there is Lidl’s quite cute offering.

And we can’t forget Debenhams fabulous effort

Then there is Tesco’s pretty little vintage style look at the generational timeline of a family with home videos x

T K Maxx – Mainly for the cutest little ginger baby (my favourite kind) in this simple little ad x

The Cadbury’s ad captures the essence of of our inner child with this years advert x

And no Christmas advert list would be complete without Coca cola’s traditional spin on the Holidays x

Here is a second one that I found that i think somes up the Christmas i am going to have this year on my own, I think i will take their advice and find ways to make it special by doing nice things for others this year x Thanks Coca cola for the inspiration x

Now to look out the decorations :p x


Durn House, Portsoy

On Saturday past I stayed in this beautiful house on the outskirts of my home town Portsoy, with my family for a night of luxury!!

This was a Christmas present from my parents and a great chance for us all to dress up and enjoy the high life for an evening x

Durn house

This is the entrance hall, it alone is bigger than my whole flat!! x We were met here with a warm welcome by the owners before being shown to our rooms.

Durn house

This is one of the bedrooms, they were all so beautiful. I think it was the Durn suite and was the room my parents had!!

Durn house

Their bathroom was nearly the same size as their bedroom and was absolutely stunning, the bath was gorgeous, I think you’ll agree?! x

Durn houseWe had a very tasty meal in the dining room, it was such a lovely atmosphere for a great evening of laughter!!

Durn house

Then on to the drawing room with it’s roaring fire for some coffee and Oh…….a few drams x

Durn house

Before heading down to the Gentleman’s club to relax and play a few games of pool xx

All in all an exceptional stay at a very elegant and opulant  house which was an experience I will not forget for a very long time xx

Little black dress day!

Seemingly today is Little black dress day – According to experts, today is the day most people start their diets for Christmas. So they can fit in to their Little Black Dresses!!

So I thought it might be fitting to do a blog post in my new LBD xx

I bought it last week from New look’s exclusive online tall range and it’s my first bodycon dress to boot. I teamed it with my black heeled brogues and black opaques for a pretty figure hugging sillouhette that I would be happy to go out to any Christmas party in. x

It also gave me the chance to play more with my latest makeup look, which has been about pairing it all back to basics and getting a more natural look and making it much quicker to apply for an everyday look too, which I think I am getting better at? I’ve got it down to about half an hour now, which is about an hour quicker than it used to take…..haha xx

What do you think?

I really love my LBD, I think it may actually be my first!!! (I usually try to stay away from black)

But it won’t be my last!! x

Did you miss me? x

Hi people,

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I’ve been off having great adventures and I’ve not had any opportunities to put a post together!!

I hope to rectify that issue right now!! And give you a small insight in to what’s been going on lately!!

I’ll have to take you back a few weeks to Tuesday the 26th of June which was a momentous day for me, not only was it the first day of my summer holidays for this year but it was also the first session of my Laser Hair Removal on my face and neck!!! Something I’ve waiting for, for so long now and it’s finally happening!!! It was excruciatingly painful, but it will be worth it in the end  to have a smooth face……hmmmmm!!!

Since my treatment the hair has grown back really slowly and it took until Thursday the 4th of July for it to be long enough to shave again!!! It’s all started to fall out over the last few days too, which I presume are both expected reaction to the zapping!!  And something I will have to take in to consideration in the coming months as I continue my course of 8 treatments x

So on Thursday when I could finally shave again I thought I should have a day of prettiness whilst I was able to have a smooth face. So I made sure I arranged to meet my friend Gwen for a coffee at the a local retail park to keep pushing myself forward with going out and dealing with the world ;p I’m a good girl you know ….haha x

We had such a lovely time, lots of coffee and blethers, which led to homemade mac and cheese, manicures and some retail therapy thrown in for good measure!!

Whilst we were shopping I bought the first items ever that I had actually tried on in the store first!! You have no idea how big a deal that is to me!! I did’nt have to guess my size and take them home and then possibly return them or exchange them!! I tried them on, went oooooh they’re lovely, I’ll have them!! xxx Or aaaaah they’re nasty and put them back!!! I loved it x Thanks Gweny, I love you xx

One of those purchases was this gorgeous Maxi dress from River Island. Which I fell in love with instantly when I tried it on!!! It’s so me!! x

I had another momentous day on Friday, as I was able to have a second Lucy day in as row for the first time ever!!!! And I suppose after each session I may be able to be myself for slightly longer and longer each time ………can’t wait!! x So with a bonus day of beard freeness I decided to do a mini photoshoot and have some fun playing with makeup and hair extensions, here are the results. xx

For everything else that I’ve been up to, you’ll have to wait till my next blog! x  Hopefully over the next few days x

The truth is out there!!!

In the last few weeks I have entered in to uncharted territory with this “coming out” Malarkey!! And I’m possibly a little out of my depth suddenly!!

At first I chose the people I wanted to tell and could sit them down (or walk along a beach) and break the news to them that I am not like the other boys!! And fortunately all those experiences turned out to be very positive!!!

Then in phase 2 I decided to introduce myself to friends on Facebook and offer to answer any question they may have had whilst the shock of it all set in!! I even managed to have fun with a few that didn’t instantly recognise me, allowing us to playing guessing games with for me giving them hints until they worked it out!! But thankfully they have all turned out to be positive experiences too!!

But with adding more and more of them to my Facebook account, it has meant that I have started to show up in the “People you may know” for others that I haven’t told yet!!! And as good as I am at my makeup I think it is still pretty obvious that it is me!! And it is scary for me to know people are possibly gossiping about me out there with other people that know me too!!! I am no longer in control…………And I always like to be in control (as some of you will know).

I am very aware at the moment, that the news has hit my home town of Portsoy (which is a small town in the north east of Scotland) where I grew up and love with great affection. A place that I miss every single day. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Scotland with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, living in and around it!!

But it is also the town in which I felt I had to leave 15 years ago as I would never have been able to walk down the street (safely) being who I wanted to be! Because as with a lot of small towns like Portsoy, there are still lots of closed minded, bigoted and not so nice people, that unfortunately are not afraid to say what they think!! And I know that news like this is exactly what some of these people love!!

It is strange for me  to look back at my childhood/young adulthood now living in Portsoy and to reflect on the great lengths that I would go to to prove my masculinity and machoness!! I was constantly in trouble!! And had quite a reputation for fighting unfortuately!! And I’m so glad that is all behind me now, mainly as I don’t think I could even pretend to be macho any more, even if I tried!!! ….. lol x But I believe this is still the perception most people have of me back there to this day!!

Anyway I digress, over the last few weeks I have started receiving friend requests from people back home, mostly from old friends that I’ve lost contact with over the years. This has proved to be a very daunting experience, most have sent no messages along with their requests so I have no idea what they are thinking?? Are they showing me support? Are they just being curious/nosey? Or are they looking to get more info to use against me and my family (who still live there) in the future? A couple of them have contacted me to say that they have read my blog and that they are happy for me which is good!! But most haven’t and it’s very frustrating not knowing other peoples intentions when asking to be friends (I am naturally very sceptical anyway I think) and also not knowing what they have been told and how accurate the information is!!! God I am such a control freak!! I’m also aware that they are only the tip of the iceberg of the people who now know about my gender issues!! And how do I get the truth of my story to all of them??? Or should I even be bothering? Is it any of their business? I don’t know!!!

I want to sit them all down and explain things to them properly so they have a positive understanding of who I am, but I know that is not going to be possible!

So I’ll not be able to get across to them that this is not what I wanted for my life!!! That I have fought tooth and nail all my life to try and be what society wanted me to be and make the inside match my outside appearance!! And that I am now psychologically and emotionally exhausted  for my efforts!! And that I still don’t really want it, but am coming to terms with the fact that I am going to have to live my life as a social outcast in order to make the outside match the inside instead!! And that my future is going to be filled with prejudice and bigotry on a daily basis!! And that leaving my house every day will be a battle of confidence and self esteem as I try to face the world! I am sure there will be lot’s of positive experiences and lovely people along the way too, but life is never going to be straightforward again!! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

I’m probably never going to be able to go to Portsoy again for these reasons and that makes me very sad!! As I still don’t know if I have the strength to make the changes I need to to live my life in Edinburgh!!

I have not had any negative experiences with people I know yet and I’m sort of starting to prepare myself for the inevitability of my first as more people are finding out, I just hope I am strong enough to handle it when it comes along!!

So with all these changes going on and my recent separation, I’ve decided that I can finally have a Glamorous party in my flat in Edinburgh for my birthday which is coming up soon and this is one of my outfit choices for it!! Is it a little understated for such an event? Or is there just the right amount of sophistication necessary for girl of my age?  haha x

My 100th post!!

A major milestone for us bloggers xx

So I thought I would try a different kind of  post to commemorate such an important achievement!  And make it memorable x

I thought why not  introduce you all to a couple of blogs that inspire me and the amazing people behind them!

So firstly, we have the cute and quirky (in a nice way) Chrystina, who has a lovely blog full of her pretty designs, sweet homemade cards and other crafting ideas over at her aptly named, Chrystina Noel Wordpress blog.

She loves hosting parties (like me) and has a love of all things A cappella (just like me) too!! Oh and notice her love of pretty aprons (so much like me) in the photo. She is a true inspiration to me as she exudes enthusiasm in everything she does and says. And she always seems so upbeat and brimming with ideas. So click on her name or onto her photo and check out her very stylish blog. x

And now to introduce you to another equally inspiring blog called Style on the couch run by the extremely glamorous and classy Sarah.

Sarah is a Psychologist based in Manhattan, but is origanally from the UK who has an eye for fashion and a figure to die for! x She is very elegant and stylish from her luscious locks, right down to her immaculate taste in footwear! The kind of women I aspire to be x A strong, independent, intelligent and wise lady x So have a look over at her blog by clicking on her photo or one of the links above, perhaps you will be inspired too x

2 very different blogs, but both a joy to follow x

Lucy x

P.S. Here to the next 100 …………Cheers x

The Next Chapter!

Another chapter is coming to an end, my 6 month short term lease on my flat is nearly over!!

I’ve found a lovely new flat to move to and this one has a long term lease so hopefully I can make it my own and get the chance to settle in this time x

A lot has happened in this last six months, my life has changed so it is completely unrecognisable to my former life!! I have loved this flat, but I have endured a lot of sadness whilst here as I have grieved over the breakdown of my marriage and it feels like the right time to move on and enter the next chapter x

I have so many plans for supporting myself financially, it’s time to start putting these plans in to action, it involves a lot of risks, but the way I see it at the moment is that I have nothing to lose!! It is kind of exciting to think where I’ll be in another 6 months from now!

What I do know is that I have to be in a position to be earning enough to support myself within a year!!! I’m trying hard not to let the pressure of that get to me by choosing not to think about it at the moment! Especially as the amount I need to be bringing in is more than I have ever earned before!! yikes!! Hence the reason that I am going to have to take a few risks xx

So perhaps I should give you all “a small insight” into some of my plans?

Or should I play it close to my chest for a little longer?

Maybe just a little while more until a few more things are in place to ensure it happens first xxx

Sorry for teasing you, but not long to wait now! x ! x !

In the mean time here is a quick look at my last 6 months in photos, what a journey!! xx

From my first attempt at baking ……………….

…………………………To losing weight ……………………

……………..through to hosting my first ever tea party……………………………….

……………………. redefining friendships, forever ……………

……………………………………to more baking practise…………………………………

……………………………to milestone events ………………………………………..

………………….Through to yet more yummy baking xxx……………………..

………………………………………To present where I can definitely say I have some amazing friends scattered around this world!!!

What does the future hold?

Let’s carry on finding out together, shall we? xxx

It may be quiet here over the next couple of weeks whilst I move, but I’ll post as soon as I can once I’m in to my new flat xx