Lucy’s first job x

Wow……….. the 11th of November was my last post, it’s been such a long time since I have spoken to you all!! Sorry x

Maybe I should try to explain why I’ve not been around the blogosphere for such a long time?!. x

After 8 years, I’ve finally got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woop woop!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

And I loving it…………. Back at the beginning of December I started working for a cute little florists called Pollinationย hereย in Edinburgh delivering their gorgeous arrangements around the city x

And I haven’t looked back since, it has done my confidence the world of good being out there meeting people on their doorsteps or place of work, where I get to hand over delicious looking bouquets and get to see their eyes light up whilst doing it xxx

I have to say, It’s been so nice having something to get up for in the mornings again and also just having a bit of structure back to my day after all these years! A few extra pennies in my purse has been rather lovely too, I must say x

And although this job may not last that long, it is a huge step in the right direction and has definitely given me a taste for work again x
PollinationOh and you might just spot me out and about in my cute little van (it’s usually a lot cleaner than this) and if you do please give me a little wave x

Or perhaps you would prefer a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to you by little old me, if so you should get online at:ย 

and get ordering!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Tis the season to release their adverts!! Tra la la la la, tra la la la x

This last week has seen the premiรจres of all this years Christmas (Holiday) adverts. Which marks the start of the exciting lead up to the festivities over the next couple of months!! And I have to say they are up to their usual high standards. With a few new companies taking up the challenge to compete for the most extravagant commercial to hit our screens this year.

I’ve picked a small selection of my favourites so far xx

The first to be released was the Marks and Spencers advert, with a welcomed return of their old Magic and Sparkle campaign.

Then was John Lewis, whom rarely disappoint with their seasonal advert. And this year is no exception with this simply stunning visual Disney like animated contribution.

A touching little story from Boots

And then the first of the supermarkets, Morrisons!! I think it may be because I love Beauty and the beast so much that I like this one so much x

And then there is Lidl’s quite cute offering.

And we can’t forget Debenhams fabulous effort

Then there is Tesco’s pretty little vintage style look at the generational timeline of a family with home videos x

T K Maxx – Mainly for the cutest little ginger baby (my favourite kind) in this simple little ad x

The Cadbury’s ad captures the essence of of our inner child with this years advert x

And no Christmas advert list would be complete without Coca cola’s traditional spin on the Holidays x

Here is a second one that I found that i think somes up the Christmas i am going to have this year on my own, I think i will take their advice and find ways to make it special by doing nice things for others this year x Thanks Coca cola for the inspiration x

Now to look out the decorations :p x

Durn House, Portsoy

On Saturday past I stayed in this beautiful house on the outskirts of my home town Portsoy, with my family for a night of luxury!!

This was a Christmas present from my parents and a great chance for us all to dress up and enjoy the high life for an evening x

Durn house

This is the entrance hall, it alone is bigger than my whole flat!! x We were met here with a warm welcome by the owners before being shown to our rooms.

Durn house

This is one of the bedrooms, they were all so beautiful. I think it was the Durn suite and was the room my parents had!!

Durn house

Their bathroom was nearly the same size as their bedroom and was absolutely stunning, the bath was gorgeous, I think you’ll agree?! x

Durn houseWe had a very tasty meal in the dining room, it was such a lovely atmosphere for a great evening of laughter!!

Durn house

Then on to the drawing room with it’s roaring fire for some coffee and Oh…….a few drams x

Durn house

Before heading down to theย Gentleman’s club to relax and play a few games of pool xx

All in all an exceptional stay at a very elegant and opulant ย house which was an experience I will not forget for a very long time xx

My Panto family :o) x


What a beautiful bunch of people xx

I had the joy of taking photos again this year of the Panto my sister was Directing, which this year was Aladdin!!

My Brother in law was playing the emperor this year and many of my friends also had roles on the stage and many were helping backstage in different ways to make it all run smoothly x

It was a brilliant show, well executed by everyone involved x 100 times better than last year, which was pretty amazing at the time x

I had a great weekend hanging out with these lovely people, seeing both performances on the Saturday and then dancing the night away at the after show party.

It’s funny to think that last year at the after show party I was to shy to speak to anyone and just sat in a corner for the whole evening and was glad to get home when it finished!! To this year, I was up dancing most of the night, mingling amongst many that I consider very close friends now and ready to go on to the after show party’s, party!!! It seems like such a short time, yet an age in so many others for there to be such a transformation in me!! But thanks to the unconditional acceptance that I have received there my confidence has come on so much x

But I’m thankful that in such a small village in the north of Scotland I have so many accepting friends, whom I love hanging out with and getting to know better

I can’t wait to catch up with them all again at new year ย xx

Here’s a few of my favourite photos from the show:





And finally a little Gangnam style dancing to finish it off!!

I look forward to seeing what they do next year!! x

Have any of you seen a panto this year?

Oh no you haven’t!!!! ;p

Happy Advent – Knitivity Special


Happy Advent xxx Sunday the 2nd of December was the first day of advent this year and time to get out the Knitivity set!! xx Isn’t it amazing??

It is all the handy work of my (still) mother-in-law!! And this is one of the few good things I got in the separation from my wife!

Every year, in time for advent we would get a few newย pieces to add to the setย until we have what you see before you now!!


The camel is my personal favourite with its fluffy feet, but all the pieces are pretty cool!! ย And the 3 wise men are pretty colourful characters, I’m sure you’ll agree? xKnitivity

Mary and Joseph and the baby J (and I think the donkey) were the first pieces we got and the Inn Keeper was one of the last!KnitivityLast year additions and sadly the final pieces that I’ll ever get for my set now ย were this midwife and little boy for helping with the birth of baby J xx

And finally the shepherds and their multi-coloured sheep to make the set complete xx

What do you do for advent?

Do you have a super cool Knitivity set?

My Driftwood Christmas

My first Driftwood Christmas tree is off the production line and is looking pretty spectacular, even if I do say so myself!! Only half a dozen more to make for selling over the next few weeks……..Yikes xx And with my other driftwood projects coming together, I should have a good stock pile in no time!!!



What do you think?

Would you have one in your house?