The Cakestalker

Our last Edinburgh Bakers event xx My photos (as usual) xx

Edinburgh Bakers

A huge thank you to all who attended and supported our last event, The Cakestalker.  Rachael has so far raised over £1000 (with gift aid) for ‘It’s good 2 give’, the majority of this came from cake love pledges and £300 on the evening in raffle sales.

Rachael completed the Deerstalker challenge on Saturday, you can read her personal account here.

Special thanks again to Sue at Cafe Musa for hosting us and Lucy for the event photography.  We have some great photos from the evening:

The CakestalkerThe CakestalkerThe CakestalkerThe CakestalkerThe CakestalkerThe CakestalkerThe CakestalkerThe CakestalkerCakestalker_0051_edited-1Cakestalker_0066_edited-1Cakestalker_0090_edited-1Cakestalker_0081_edited-1Cakestalker_0211_edited-1Cakestalker_0121_edited-1Cakestalker_0138_edited-1Cakestalker_0100_edited-1Cakestalker_0161_edited-1Cakestalker_0202_edited-1Cakestalker_0041_edited-2Cakestalker_0201_edited-1Cakestalker_0175_edited-1

We have been very lucky to secure a fantastic venue for our next event. Details will follow early April on how to apply for a space, but for now the date for your diary is Wednesday 14th May!

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