Inchcolm Island

Wow………Over a month since my last post, busy as usual x I should try harder, but perhaps I really am a winter blogger?!?! x Well, here’s a predominantly photographic post of a recent adventure anyway x ๐Ÿ™‚

I had the opportunity to visit Inchcolm island – a gorgeous island in the Firth of Forth with an old monestary on it – a couple of weeks ago with Elizabeth and we had a lovely day exploring our way round x It’s a beautiful little retreat, shame we weren’t allowed to stay overnight!! But they were quite insistent that we get back on the ferry at the end of the trip!! :p x

Inchcolm island

This is the island as we approached on the ferry, you can’t quite see the monastery yet as it is set in the middle of the island.

Inchcolm island

On route we had a little stop to admire some seal basking in the sunshine!

Inchcolm island

First glimpse of the majestic monastery as we came along side the island.

Here is a gallery of shots I took whilst wandering around and through the old monastery for you to peruse at your leisure, I was surprise how intact it still is after 700 odd years!!

There was one major down side to the day, these mean little flying critters, it was right in the middle of baby seagull season when we were there ย and the mummy and daddy seagulls were very protective of their little ones.

Inchcolm islandThen sadly, as the light was fading it was time to head back to the mainland, but with lots of memories of a wonderful trip to warm our hearts for a while x


12 thoughts on “Inchcolm Island

  1. How glorious! I have never been but my mother has taken my grandparents there and said it was interesting. I think I really must go one day especially as we can see the island from our balcony !!
    quick Q: How did you put the photo gallery in? Really great way to view your wonderful photos, such clear quality too!

    • Hi India, I’m extremely jealous if you can see the island from your balcony, I would love a sea view xx We,ll worth a trip out from South Queensferry if you get the chance!! x
      Quick A: When you are writing a post, and “Add Media” upload all the photos you would like in a gallery at the same time, then in the left hand column you will see the option to Create gallery, then you simply have to select which photos to use!! The next step allows you to play around with different formats, I like the tile mosaic as I always have a selection in portrait and landscape modes and this allows them to be seen better x Hope this helps xx

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