Casa Angelina

This week, my friend Gayle and I got together to try out a new vintage tearoom on London street, Edinburgh called Casa Angelina to see what all the fuss was about!! And trust me there has been a lot of buzz since they opened only a few short weeks ago!! So I booked us a table for Thursday afternoon to try it out for ourselves and Wow!!!!! Just Wow!!!

Casa Angelina

Casa Angelina is run by Marie Claire and her partner (who’s name I didn’t catch) who are both highly trained  pâtissier/pâtissière’s!! Which you can instantly tell from the gorgeous array of desserts and pastries on offer x We savoured every mouthful for the couple of hours it took to get through all of our delights xx

Casa Angelina

The ambience in the tearoom was so lovely and relaxed with other tables chatting to each other and kids dressing up from a couple of trunks of pretty things left out for just such a purpose. Adding to this having Marie Claire checking on us regularly and bringing us fresh pots of tea (at no extra cost) we just felt so relaxed and kind of lost track of time for a few hours which was just heavenly xx

I can’t wait for my next visit, which is already booked by the way….heehee x

If you get the chance and have some time to indulge in a little luxurious girliness some afternoon then I recommend you get along to Casa Angelina without any hesitation xx


37 thoughts on “Casa Angelina

  1. I would definitely visit if I lived nearer. I am looking for church halls etc at the moment (starting small), but am hoping to have this one day and this is very inspirational. Thanks for the post. xx

    • I am also trying to open my own little tearoom here in Edinburgh and I like your idea of starting in local church halls. I hope you get there very soon :o) With your cakes I don’t doubt it will take you very long x Good luck x

  2. ohhh….what is that lovely dessert on the tray (with the spoons in them)….a white chocolate mousse???

    And the tea sounds mmmmmmm too….but…the company sounded the best 🙂

    • Hey Katie, It was actually a gorgeous Raspberry Cheesecake and was totally divine 🙂 x But I want White chocolate mousse now!!! ;p
      And the company was great, wish I could hang out like that every day x

  3. This looks absolutely delightful! For some reason there are not many tea rooms here in Portland, but I’ve been to several during past vacations and they are so fun!

  4. Sounds so idillic, like stepping out of an Agatha Christie book (one with Miss Marple in it) 🙂 Actually, my husband and I are contemplating going to Edinburgh this summer for a few days, and I am looking for places and sights that are not mainstream tourist traps, but fantastic local shops. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    • Glad to be helpful Poppy 🙂 I hope you enjoy your time in Edinburgh this summer, if you need any more recommendations for whilst you are here, then let me know what kinds of things you like and I will try and help 🙂 x

      • Thank you 🙂 I will try to time the trip for the Book Festival, and we would like to go and see some theatre plays as well, so if you could recommend a play, that would be lovely 🙂 I am basically into everything, but my husband has problems with people singing on stages… 😀

      • If you are here during the book festival, then there is a good chance that Edinburgh festival is going to be on too, as I think they run at the same time x If this is the case, you will have a whole cornucopia of options to choose from x But if not I can look in to what other options are on at the time you are here x 🙂

  5. I was just in Edinburgh this Christmas! I thought it was such a cool place! Wish I had known about this beauty of a tearoom when I was there! I will go if I ever go back one day!

    • Hey, it is such a lovely and decadent place to hang out in, but it’s only been there for a couple of weeks now, so wouldn’t been around at Christmas time x At least you can add it to the list for your next visit 🙂

  6. Ah Edinburgh, I’ve been there several times. A few weekends, and sometimes passing by on the way to Hawick. I wasn’t into tea that much then (or didn’t have enough money – the pound was expensive for us Dutch people), we didn’t really sit down. It’s always hard as a tourist to find the good spots.
    It looks relaxing!

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