I started a Google + account sometime ago and really haven’t got to grips with it at all!!

I don’t know anyone else who uses it and therefore I’m not able to explore and tap in to the possible potential that it offers!!

It occurs to me that many other bloggers probably have Google+ accounts!! And that by doing a post I could connect with them/you?!

Do you have an account?

Fancy joining with little old me? x

We could even perhaps start a blogging circle?

Click on the photo or link below it to find me (hopefully) x


Lucy Cameron Google+ profile

If any of you have figured out how it works and would like to pass on any tips or explanations I would love to hear from you xx

I’ve also started a Google+ Community called A pretty place for bloggers if you would like to join that too? Oooooh and share it with your circles/friends? xx


22 thoughts on “Google+

  1. I am the same! Have an account but no idea what to do with it. But will try to get a handle of it this week and would love to join your little blog gang. Great idea.

    • I hope you do, it would be great to see you over there, seemingly it is very similar to Facebook in the way you post!! So shouldn’t take to long to get to grips with xx And please, please, please join the gang too 🙂 x

  2. My daughter signed up for a google+ account. Used it quite successfully I think. However because neither my husband or me knew anything about it, we asked her to close it. We had no idea how safe it was. She is only 11. As a point of interest, she thought it was great!

    • Ah 11 is still quite young for social media sites, I suppose x I think it’s 14 before your allowed a Facebook account, but not entirely sure x
      But seemingly it is very similar to Facebook, so shouldn’t take long to get the hang of really xx
      Thanks for popping by my little blog 🙂 x

  3. Hi Lucy.|

    The same applies to me too. I have a Google + Account myself, & it’s akin, (I imagine), to ‘driving a car through mud’, (I say that, because I don’t drive), Mind you, it could also be due to the fact that I struggle to negotiate/navigate my way around it too.

    I don’t really know anybody that well either to be honest, despite having some people in my ‘Circles’.

    Furthermore, Yes, You could be right, there may well be a substantial number of people that have a Google + Account, Yes indeed, A ‘connection’ between us would be a lovely idea. Thank You.

    Additionally, your mentioning of a proposed ‘Blogging ‘Circle’, bearing in mind, that that is how people seem to link up on Google +, is also an excellent idea.

    I will join up with you as soon as possible Lucy, Thank You, MUCH Appreciated x

    • Thanks for getting in contact, I really appreciate it 🙂
      I hope you connect with us soon if you haven’t already?!
      And we can all learn to unlock it’s potential together xx
      Lucy x

    • Thanks for joining me Kerry, I’m having a very, very busy week and haven’t had any spare time to play over on Google+ to learn any more, but hope to at the weekend 🙂 xx I’ll make sure to say hi to you when I get the chance ….heehee x

  4. I don’t even have an account! Google jumping on the bandwagon, too late to the party, and destined for the scrap heap when they pull the plug in my opinion! Good luck though.

      • It’s a great network – very different from Facebook. A much more tech-oriented audience, but lots of niche communities are springing up and the network is very active. It’s not like FB in that you can’t post on other people’s walls, and I love that you can tailor your content in circles – means you’re only ever sharing things with folk that are interested in what you have to say 🙂

      • Ah, that is really helpful, thanks xx Not managed to play with it much today, fingers crossed for tomorrow after I’ve been to the Stockbridge market, if my fingers haven’t fallen off with frostbite with all the snow that’s forecast!!!

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