Lucy’s first Snowgirl ♥

It’s been snowing off and on for the last 24hrs here in Edinburgh and I’ve been very, very excitable!!

Watching out my window constantly to see if there was enough to go play in!! ;p

I’ve always loved snow, but haven’t had a chance to play in it for a few years now!!

And Lucy has never had the chance to play in the snow!!

Until today!!! 🙂 xx Can you see how excited I am?? haha x

Lucy's first snowman

Luckily, I have plenty warm and practical clothes these days to wear out in such weather, even enough to have spares to put on my snowgirl x I did have my cute mittens on whilst building her, but they were a little soggy by the time I was taking photos x

Lucy's first snowman

However I did struggle with the nose and eyes, as I had no carrots or pieces of coal, so I’ve improvised with half a cucumber and some ginger nuts………:) x

Lucy's first snowman

As you can see I have enjoyed myself playing out in the snow for the first time as Lucy and had fun  making my little snowgirl xx

Lucy's first snowman

And here she is in all her Ginger-nutty loveliness 🙂

Lucy's first snowman

Have you had snow?

Did you get out to play?

What did you make? x


30 thoughts on “Lucy’s first Snowgirl ♥

  1. Once a chef, always a chef, even when making a snowgirl! We do not get snow here, I live in a desert. The last picture could be open to interpretation but I will not digress these comments to that level. I love your improvised snowgirl!

    • How do you manage without snow? :o( I’m sure there are advantages to living in a desert though, like beautiful sunshine everyday!! ;p
      And thanks for keeping it clean, I wish I had the traditional carrot to hand, but had to work with what I had!! 😉 x

  2. Snow, snow, snow …(I am hearing that song from some older black and white move with Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby playing in my head lol)

    I emailed my brother to ask if they had snow when I saw you post this. I have not heard back yet though…but I suspect its more cold and rainy.

    At any rate, I am glad you had a fun snow day … and I love the hat!

    • White Christmas? x
      Most of the UK has had snow, so there is a good chance that they have snow on the Emerald Isle too!! 🙂 x
      It was a fun day, not often I let my hair down and do stuff like this x I think I need more of it in my future x
      And as for the hat, which one mine or the snowgirls? heehee ;p x

    • Awww Thanks Chrystina, I still have a long way to go yet until I look the way I feel, but I’m happy that I’m doing the best I can with what I have for now and trying to enjoy life xx

  3. Is that a pepper nose? *love*

    And you do look so warm and toasty! Weather here is sunny and continuing to warm, so thanks for giving me inspiration to pretend it’s wintery out!

    • Heehee…….It’s actually a cucumber!!! ;p It’s the best i could find at the time x
      Hopefully it will start warming up here soon too!! But thought i would enjoy the snow whilst it was here x 🙂

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