I’m a Benebabe x

BenefitOver the past few months, I’ve been slowly changing my make-up over from MAC to Benefit and I’m loving the results!! Benefit porefessional is amazing, the best primer on the market in my opinion!!! And teamed with Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen wow foundation, I get a lovely near flawless finish without feeling like I’m wearing any make-up at all!!

My first purchase from Benefit was their eye bright pencil and it is still my favourite item (secret weapon) in my make-up bag!! And the reason that I have started exploring all there other products!! Which is when I found benetint that I now can’t live without for my cheeks xx My most recent finds are their they’re real! mascara, which makes my lashes huge and BROW-zing which helps define my eyebrows !! x I’m a total convert xx

I may never be a supermodel, but I am certainly feeling more confident with my new look xx Thanks Benefit!! x

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26 thoughts on “I’m a Benebabe x

      • Tried it! Both porefessional and “that gal”. Really nice results with both – loved porefessional for the office and wore “that gal” for Casey’s birthday dinner. Thanks for the tip!

      • I’m so glad that you liked it Katie, although funnily enough I personally would wear them the other way around, but that is maybe for my skin!! ;p x I like That gal for through the day looks and Porefessional for more glamorous. flawless looks xx

      • That is funny. I wore That Gal this weekend for a day time look and I was a little too luminous. I’m naturally red/pink all the time, so like the matte look of Porefessional during the day and the somewhat illuminated look of that gal for nights. Just more evidence that everyone’s skin is different. Thanks again for the recommendation and looking forward to more posts!

      • That is funny, I am quite red naturally too, but i like the dewy effect of that gal for daytime!! Must be more of a personal taste in makeup styles too x

  1. Oh my gosh, I did the same thing! I was a MAC addict for years, and recently switched to Benefit! I love their Hello Flawless foundation and I cannot go without the POREfessional pore minimizer. Definitely will start bulking up my collection, need to try the mascara! The only thing I haven’t been crazy about is the Perk-Up Artist concealer set, I need something a little heavier for under the eyes, though I do love the brightening option in that set.

    • I’ve not tried the Perk-up Artist concealer set and may avoid it now that I know it may not be that great xx I do use, Stay, don’t stray primer for my eyes, but I’m still using my MAC concealer under my eyes (it’s ok, but not great) and still have reasonable amount left yet so I have time to work out which to try next xx

  2. *Giggle* A pretty lady! Gosh, you should be a supermodel. I’m bored of hearing about ruddy Kate Moss.

    I used to wear makeup for a laugh. It’s not very manly apparently, so my friends threw stuff at me. Oh, but oh, I do wish I could wear lipstick with pride! Whilst watching football, drinking beer, and cursing. Of course.

  3. I love Benefit! Slightly out of my price range at the moment but nice to treat myself every now and then 🙂 I have loads of tester versions of thier products which last for ages! That Gal is my favourite! How did you find the BROW-zing? I think that may be my next splurge 🙂

  4. “I may never be a supermodel”?! Wowzer, you should be! What a beautiful pic! I have no real make-up advice to give (us robot heads don’t need much other than a squirt of oil every now and again) but yikes! I know it’s not the make-up alone that makes you look like that – you are gorgeous 😀

  5. I don’t wear make-up, (never know how to put it on right) but i did spend quite a bit of money on Benefit for my daughter when she was 17yrs – she loves it!
    Ps You look fantastic and very feminine. I try to be more feminine but i love my jeans and boots too much – never feel so comfortable in a skirt. And as for the cinder toffee, i did a mini trial back in October (for the childrens PTA Halloween Party) and by far the best recipe involved GLUCOSE syrup or i think it was called liquid glucose, anyhow i bought mine from Tesco’s baking section.All the other’s ended up rather flat.
    Good luck with the cake ladies! x

    • Thanks for your comment, I have to wear a lot more makeup at the moment than I would like, but hopefully one day I will get away with less x I’m very jealous of your obvious natural beauty x And your daughter is very lucky to have such a lovely and generous mum 🙂 x
      I am now addicted to cinder toffee again, I have Liquid glucose (which I think I got in Tesco’s too) by Dr otker!! Think I’m going to try covering my cinder toffee in chocolate next time ;p x
      I’m starting to get very nervous about the cake ladies now……….yikes xx
      Thanks for taking the time to read so many of my posts 🙂 x

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