A cup of tea, please!!

If you had said to me 6 months ago that I would stop drinking coffee and that I would be converted in to a tea drinker, I would have laughed in your face most probably!!!

But that is in fact what has happened………….shocking!!! I know!!!

I had managed to go 38 years turning my nose up at even the thought of drinking tea, albeit until I started attending a local tea tasting club held at Tea at 94, a cute little tearoom on Buccleuch Street in Edinburgh back in September 2012. After my first time there, I was hooked and I’ve been trying out lots of different teas and infusions to see which ones I might like most, ever since x

My favourites at the moment are Twinings “Indulgent Vanilla Chai” and Twinings “Original English Breakfast” but as I’m trying lots of new teas all the time this is subject to change in the near future xx As you can see I’m building up quite a collection now, to go with my many (15) beautiful  tea sets that I seem to have accumulated…….heehee x

Tea shelf

Tea shelf

Tea shelves

Which tea is your favourite? xx


42 thoughts on “A cup of tea, please!!

  1. A girl after my own heart. I’m drinking ginger and lemon at the moment. It’s really warming on a cold winters day. But my have is the Starbucks Vanilla tea. But don’t ask what my favourite cake is …….

  2. Mine? Twinings Darjeeling tea without sugar. I don’t like coffee at all
    I love the look of your blog – especially the color – resembles mine and symbolizes friendship and love.

  3. Well, I’m still a coffee drinker (hope that doesn’t get me thrown out:)), but I love my tea as well. I enjoy a spicy chai, earl gray or a vibrant ginger blend. I have accumulated dozens of choices and I love having so many options when I decide it’s time for a cup!

  4. I split myself between tea and coffee. Weekday breakfast time is time for a pot of Taylors Yorkshire tea, but during the day in the office it’s nescafe instant coffee, for convenience and because they don’t have a teapot anymore. Then on the weekends, when things are a bit more leisurely, it’s the espresso pot on the stove and a nice strong cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans.

  5. My boss brought back a tea from India that I have no idea what it’s called that I’ve been using to make chai with brown sugar and fresh ginger. That’s my current favorite 🙂

  6. your blog is beautiful! my favorite teas are herbal concoctions i randomly create!! the all-time best tea is just a combination of local honey, fresh ginger, and a cinnamon stick! i also enjoy homemade white chai! 🙂

  7. Hi Lucy! I love most all the teas I try from Harney & Sons, but my favorite is Hot Cinnamon Spice. My mother in law mixes her own chai, but I find many premixed to be tasty as well. Welcome to the world of tea.

  8. My favorite tea since I was a child was chamomile. I still love it today, but I rather go for green tea, and since a few months ago, Jasmine tea :3 I also like the arabian spice teas, and when I am really sick I mix salvia, hibiscus and lime blossom. I can’t tell how much this mix helps to recover.
    I was also a total coffee drinker 3 years ago. But then I got sick during summer vacations and I bought a bunch of herbal teas and drank them every day, 3 times a day without sugar. Now I am a tea freak. I still drink coffee in the mornings when I am tired, but I prefer tea now for relaxing 🙂

  9. I think I might try the tea just to get the nice tin. I love a cup of tea in a lovely cup and saucer, my daughter bought me a lovely one for Christmas. Thank you for reading my blog x

  10. Tea is a dangerous affair. You buy a tin of one type, then another, and then, before you know it, you have 18 different loose leaf teas taking up most of your shelf space. My all-time favourite is a Vanilla Oolong by DavidsTea, to be enjoyed with some shortbread.

    • I’m starting to see this as my collection grows, as I still go to the tea tasting club which continuously introduces me to new tasty teas x Last night I came home with some Russian caravan tea to try and I bought myself Kuchipudi masala chai tea to add to my collection xx

  11. You might enjoy checking out Dilmah tea – outstanding flavours & what a wonderful socially responsible tea company from Sri Lanka. My favs are their Ceylon Supreme, Italian Almond & Green Tea Cinnamon. I have been an avid tea drinker for many years (4-6 pots a day!) & have @ 100 teas stuffed in my cabinets! All good!

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I couldn’t imagine giving up coffee, but when I do drink tea I prefer green tea or liquorice…maybe that is just a weird Danish thing 😉

    • Oh, I’m sure I will still drink coffee occasionally , I’m just enjoying exploring all the possibilities in this new tea world that i have found myself in xx I’ll have to hunt out some Liquorice to try xx

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