Durn House, Portsoy

On Saturday past I stayed in this beautiful house on the outskirts of my home town Portsoy, with my family for a night of luxury!!

This was a Christmas present from my parents and a great chance for us all to dress up and enjoy the high life for an evening x

Durn house

This is the entrance hall, it alone is bigger than my whole flat!! x We were met here with a warm welcome by the owners before being shown to our rooms.

Durn house

This is one of the bedrooms, they were all so beautiful. I think it was the Durn suite and was the room my parents had!!

Durn house

Their bathroom was nearly the same size as their bedroom and was absolutely stunning, the bath was gorgeous, I think you’ll agree?! x

Durn houseWe had a very tasty meal in the dining room, it was such a lovely atmosphere for a great evening of laughter!!

Durn house

Then on to the drawing room with it’s roaring fire for some coffee and Oh…….a few drams x

Durn house

Before heading down to the Gentleman’s club to relax and play a few games of pool xx

All in all an exceptional stay at a very elegant and opulant  house which was an experience I will not forget for a very long time xx


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