Happy Advent – Knitivity Special


Happy Advent xxx Sunday the 2nd of December was the first day of advent this year and time to get out the Knitivity set!! xx Isn’t it amazing??

It is all the handy work of my (still) mother-in-law!! And this is one of the few good things I got in the separation from my wife!

Every year, in time for advent we would get a few new pieces to add to the set until we have what you see before you now!!


The camel is my personal favourite with its fluffy feet, but all the pieces are pretty cool!!  And the 3 wise men are pretty colourful characters, I’m sure you’ll agree? xKnitivity

Mary and Joseph and the baby J (and I think the donkey) were the first pieces we got and the Inn Keeper was one of the last!KnitivityLast year additions and sadly the final pieces that I’ll ever get for my set now  were this midwife and little boy for helping with the birth of baby J xx

And finally the shepherds and their multi-coloured sheep to make the set complete xx

What do you do for advent?

Do you have a super cool Knitivity set?


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