Just hanging out!

Sorry that it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, but I’ve been really, really busy with Tearoom plans and haven’t had the energy or time to produce anything for you all!! There has been some really exciting developments for me, with a possible investor/partner which will mean I can achieve so much more of my dream! And if it all comes together, I’ll have someone else to share the responsibility with and possibly take on some of the stress of getting everything organised too xx So exciting times!! x

I don’t often get the chance to just sit and enjoy a film or watch television these days, but a few evenings ago I found myself with the opportunity to just chill out, with a cup (or two) of tea and a couple of  my new DVD’s which I’ve wanted to watch for a long time.  Heavenly bliss xx

And as I may have mentioned once or twice in recent blogs, I’ve been trying to work on my everyday look, to find a more natural, yet still feminine look to present to the world. It’s been about working on my hair, makeup and clothes to find the right combination to create the correct illusion that I want, not easy but a challenge that I enjoy. It’s also been about working on the time that it takes me to get readying in the morning whilst still achieving the desired look. whilst keeping to a time scale that doesn’t eat in to my day to much. So I’ve been honing my skills and timing my self in an attempt to improve, with a little bit of success so far!! But I’still need to work on it for a while yet, heehee x

What I have found in reality is that I am a girl who likes a reasonable amount of makeup to feel presentable in a day, but I’m just able to wear a lot lighter foundations than before, due to my Laser hair removal, which just means that it feels much nicer to wear and no longer feels like if I move my face that I might crack …….haha x

I apologise for the slippers, but that evening was just about comfort and being able to curl up in my armchair to relax and be cosy xx One of my friends who has been giving me advice asked me to try and do a more natural photo shoot, so I thought as I was just curling up on the sofa it may be a more relaxed look for her!! x I hope it worked?

What do you think? Do I look quite natural yet?

What could I still work on?

And what do you do when you have an evening free? x

Have a great weekend……mwah x


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