Little black dress day!

Seemingly today is Little black dress day – According to experts, today is the day most people start their diets for Christmas. So they can fit in to their Little Black Dresses!!

So I thought it might be fitting to do a blog post in my new LBD xx

I bought it last week from New look’s exclusive online tall range and it’s my first bodycon dress to boot. I teamed it with my black heeled brogues and black opaques for a pretty figure hugging sillouhette that I would be happy to go out to any Christmas party in. x

It also gave me the chance to play more with my latest makeup look, which has been about pairing it all back to basics and getting a more natural look and making it much quicker to apply for an everyday look too, which I think I am getting better at? I’ve got it down to about half an hour now, which is about an hour quicker than it used to take…..haha xx

What do you think?

I really love my LBD, I think it may actually be my first!!! (I usually try to stay away from black)

But it won’t be my last!! x


8 thoughts on “Little black dress day!

  1. Yayyy!!! I love this black dress. Also, I don’t think I realized exactly where your jewelery was hanging, and I absolutely love that it’s on your stairwell. Such a good use of space – and it adds a bunch of color 🙂

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