Afternoon Tea for 2 ♥

With the opening of my tearoom getting ever closer (hopefully), I thought it was about time I started working on the menu!!

No easy task, let me tell you!!!

But over the weekend I thought I would have a play around with possible components of an afternoon tea!!

There are so many options that I could have gone for but I decided just to keep it simple for this practice run.

So for this. my first attempt I went with Date and walnut scones, mini raspberry tarts ,  mini blueberry tarts, pistachio macarons and lavender macarons.

My mini fruit tarts were scrummy, I think the pastry was a bit too thick this time, but that is easily remedied for future attempts!

However, I’m really, really pleased with my macarons recipe, I just need to practise lots of different flavours now!!

What I’m not sure about is the quantity, would this be enough for 2 people? Or is it too much?

I’m also wondering if there should be something chocolaty included and/or possibly something more spongy too?

So many options…..haha x

But I want to get it right, so I’d love to hear your thoughts x


9 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea for 2 ♥

  1. I’d say this is a good amount for 2 people. I wouldn’t go with anymore though. Also, I thought you’d like to know that I totally forgot to read anything you wrote because I was too capitvated looking at pictures.

    • Thanks Chiara xx Hopefully when I open my tearoom you will come and try them out, and hopefully you will think they taste as delish as they look ;o) x

  2. mmm – these look amazing! Fantastic photos here too 🙂 Re the sandwiches…. I definately think cucumber should be there (seasoned with some herb salt like ‘Herbamare’??) and how about beef and horseradish? For vegetarians, grated carrot with raisins with a scant dressing of sharp yoghurt or sour cream? Or roast pepper &rocket, with sweet chilli dressing? Good luck!

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