My Scottish Summer

The last few days have cemented it for me that our summer is definitely well and truly behind us and reminds me that winter is fast approaching. So I thought before I look out the winter woollies I would take a look back over some of the highlights of my summer and share some photos that I didn’t get the chance to blog about at the time!!

I didn’t get the chance to go on an actual holiday this year as finances dictated so, but I managed to have many day trips instead, in and around Edinburgh. A holiday from home you could say. x

I had a lovely day at The National Museum of Scotland with my friend Rachel in July when she came to stay for a few days from Suffolk x

I also had the chance to go back to Bo’ness and have a wander around the The Scottish Railway Museum, which is always fun!! There is always so much random memorabilia to peruse and photograph x

I also visited many castles this summer, I even managed to finally visit Edinburgh castle for the first time since I moved to Edinburgh 15 years ago…. haha x I don’t like to be rushed in to these things x

Can you identify where they all are?

And of course I managed to find myself on the Royal mile several times watching so many talented  street performers!!!

I never tire of watching all the acts that congregate to our lovely city every year!! x Not a bad summer really!  I’m looking forward to next summer already……haha x


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