Bolivia with World Challenge!!

I’ve talked a lot about my youngest nephew Luke over the last month when he came to stay with me and helped with photos and baking for the blog. But today I would like to talk to you about his older brother Jack!!

Him and his girlfriend Gemma have just come back from a having life changing experience in Bolivia for World challenge with their school and I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with them over the last few days whilst they were in Edinburgh and hear all about their adventures!!!

This is Jack and Gemma on the salt flats whilst on their trip, they look so grown up!! Not like two 17 year olds!! But I suppose travelling to Latin america for a month and working in an Orphanage helping to raise the standard of living for them is quite a maturing experience for anyone!! x

This is Jack at his back door just before he left for the airport and then just after he got back, what a difference!! You can tell that he has certainly absorbed the culture whilst away and is possible changed for ever as a result!! I’m glad that they had such an amazing experience and I’m so proud of them for being so selfless and giving their time to help others at the other side of the world xx

Yesterday afternoon we all hung out on the Royal  Mile watching street performers and absorbing some of the festival atmosphere where I got this photo of the 2 of them with the GOLD postbox in Hunters square that commemorates 1 of Chris hoy’s  2 gold medals won in the recent Olympic games xx


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