Foodies Festival – Edinburgh

Yesterday was an action packed one!!! My Afternoon was filled with glorious food at Inverleith park and then the evening was filled with the excitement that was the Olympics Closing Ceremony on a large screen in Festival square in the heart of Edinburgh. I got to hang out (as a bit of a gooseberry) with my nephew Jack and his girlfriend Gemma for both of these memorable events and had a lot of fun to boot xx

The foodies festival kicks off Edinburgh’s famous festival in style by bringing the best in food and drink to the city and they certainly delivered!! It was an amazing day with gorgeous smells all around with lot’s of samples to try and goodies to buy!! We came home with a large bag full of said goodies which included Zebra steaks, cupcakes, edible flowers, olives, coffee, meringues, flavoured vodka, Turkish delight and salad dressings. There was also lots of stalls cooking and selling there own particular unusual or exotic foods, of which we obviously had to indulge our tummies with at several points of the day…….num num x

Here are some of my highlights, I’m just sorry that we still don’t have smellivision in this day and age for you to fully comprehend how amazing it was!! x

Gemma going from wearing a flower from our Saladworx salad box through to her devouring it! x

There was lot’s of fish on offer from huge Scottish Salmon through to Arbroath Smokies, oooooh…….and the smoked smell was amazing!!!! Mmmmm x

Those breads were really small and cute and I’m really wishing I’d remembered to go back for one before we left…….Darn! And the other delights you are seeing are called Chimney cakes apparently!! x

And Steven K Amos (comedian) cooked my chicken for me on at the Backyard jerk shack!!! Yeah just for me………. Amazing!!

And finally, Gemma posing with an olive sample (which was the one thing she had hoped to find before we got there) in an excited manner and my super duper coconut drink that I had along with my jerk chicken x My nephew was there too, he can be seen behind my coconut in the white t-shirt, he just didn’t do any good posing for the camera on this occasion….heehee x


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