A happy Lucy is a Cycling Lucy xx

I may have mentioned once or twice lately that I have a new bike!!!

A beautiful shiny purple one!!! It’s a Brooke Pendleton  for those of you interested in bikes, but all I know is it’s purple and fast…………swoosh x heehee x

It is so amazing and I love it so much, it has been such a nice way to rediscover and fall in love with my lovely city all over again ♥

Sorry that the pics are in my living room, but it was the best place to take a few pics before heading out for my first cycle around as Lucy, my handbag wasn’t big enough for my camera yet alone my tripod, so I couldn’t get a nice photos out by the canal this time, hopefully my official photographer will be around again soon, but for the moment she has Glandular fever and is understandably predisposed sleeping lots and recovering!! x Love you Sophie, get better soon xx


3 thoughts on “A happy Lucy is a Cycling Lucy xx

  1. Photos are gorgeous….. better get more sensible shoes to go on a bike!!!! Where’s your helmet? But I do think I see a bell…….. Happy cycling…. xx

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