August? Already??

I have been so busy lately with so many visitors that August just seems to have snuck up on me!! July was an amazing month filled with so many people from around the country coming to hang out with me, that August may be a bit too quiet for me now!!! I really must try to get out and make more friends in Edinburgh still!!! Especially with the Edinburgh Festival starting now, ย it would be great to have friends to share the experiences with (although I am determined that I shall still go to things alone if I have too)!

With being so busy, I have hardly posted at all in July and have fallen so far behind with blog posts that they are stacking up!! So I may have to have a blogfest over the next few weeks to catch up ……..haha x

I’m still trying to get through all the cool Birthday presents that I got on July 1st!!! Yikes!! It will beย Christmasย at this rate before I do….Hee hee x

Talking of my birthday gifts I would like to share with you my birthday gift from my Sister and her family. x

They got me this amazing Royal Falconware Dinner service to replace my horrible dark grey Ikea plain service that I had!! It is so pretty and so meeeee!

The service consists of 1 large oval serving dish, 1 serving bowl with lid, 1 jug, 6 large plates, 6 medium plates, 6 large bowls and 6 medium bowls.

This is the finally blog with photographs my my super cool nephew. Sorry back to my photos after this, but i may get him to help again in the future!! x


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