BMX Bandit!

Does this title bring you back to the 80’s? It does for me ……….I loved that film, I had it on Betamax …….haha x

As I’ve mentioned before I recently had my nephew staying with me between his Saxophone gigs, it turned in to an action packed weekend for us with the many photo shoots I had planned for him to do with me!! But it was also filled with bikes too!! We went out of town to halfords on the Saturday morning so he could help his Aunty Lucy choose a new bike, which I got…………it’s PURPLE!!!!!! And I love it xx

And he had brought his bmx with him to try out the local bike park and we had hoped that I would have my new bike and we could ride them to and fro from it together, but they couldn’t get my new bike ready in time, so I had to wait until the Sunday to collect which was a shame!! And it meant I had to walk on the Saturday. But it did gave us a good excuse to have to go back on the Sunday too, just so I could go out to play on my new bike….. did I mention it’s PURPLE? And it has a bell xx

Well I decided on the Saturday it was a good opportunity to play with my camera since I wouldn’t have my bike and try and get some cool shots of him as he did some tricks. Being that I am a good Aunty and all xx I decided to take my flash with me on the Sunday to get better photos.

So not only is he an amazing Saxophonist and aspiring photographer, but he is also pretty bad ass on a bmx too!! He’s a Legend!!

Here are a couple of my favourite shots from each of the days.


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