Birthday presents x part one.

I’m sure it was hard for any of you to have forgotten it was my birthday on the 1st of july, I mentioned it enough times…..haha xx

I spent my birthday with my sister and her family up north and had a fabby day all round as previously discussed over on my Birthday post last week xx Well I was fortunate enough to get some amazing gifts for my Birthday too and I want to share a few of them with you as I think they are worth you all seeing xx

The first one that I would like to share with you is from my very dear and lovely new friend Anne. She  popped round just after my birthday dinner to drop off a pressie for me which blow me away, so much work must have gone into them. She makes lovely home made cards and gave me this large stash to me with a lovely hand decorated notebook too (which there is no photo of….oops). I’m a very lucky girl!! Both for the gift and the friendship, thank you Anne x

All photos taken by Luke (my nephew) x


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