Did you miss me? x

Hi people,

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I’ve been off having great adventures and I’ve not had any opportunities to put a post together!!

I hope to rectify that issue right now!! And give you a small insight in to what’s been going on lately!!

I’ll have to take you back a few weeks to Tuesday the 26th of June which was a momentous day for me, not only was it the first day of my summer holidays for this year but it was also the first session of my Laser Hair Removal on my face and neck!!! Something I’ve waiting for, for so long now and it’s finally happening!!! It was excruciatingly painful, but it will be worth it in the end  to have a smooth face……hmmmmm!!!

Since my treatment the hair has grown back really slowly and it took until Thursday the 4th of July for it to be long enough to shave again!!! It’s all started to fall out over the last few days too, which I presume are both expected reaction to the zapping!!  And something I will have to take in to consideration in the coming months as I continue my course of 8 treatments x

So on Thursday when I could finally shave again I thought I should have a day of prettiness whilst I was able to have a smooth face. So I made sure I arranged to meet my friend Gwen for a coffee at the a local retail park to keep pushing myself forward with going out and dealing with the world ;p I’m a good girl you know ….haha x

We had such a lovely time, lots of coffee and blethers, which led to homemade mac and cheese, manicures and some retail therapy thrown in for good measure!!

Whilst we were shopping I bought the first items ever that I had actually tried on in the store first!! You have no idea how big a deal that is to me!! I did’nt have to guess my size and take them home and then possibly return them or exchange them!! I tried them on, went oooooh they’re lovely, I’ll have them!! xxx Or aaaaah they’re nasty and put them back!!! I loved it x Thanks Gweny, I love you xx

One of those purchases was this gorgeous Maxi dress from River Island. Which I fell in love with instantly when I tried it on!!! It’s so me!! x

I had another momentous day on Friday, as I was able to have a second Lucy day in as row for the first time ever!!!! And I suppose after each session I may be able to be myself for slightly longer and longer each time ………can’t wait!! x So with a bonus day of beard freeness I decided to do a mini photoshoot and have some fun playing with makeup and hair extensions, here are the results. xx

For everything else that I’ve been up to, you’ll have to wait till my next blog! x  Hopefully over the next few days x


4 thoughts on “Did you miss me? x

  1. So happy for you! There are so many challenges with being trans that it’s encouraging and refreshing to see someone posting about the upswing on all this. Thanks as always, for sharing.

    Rachel ❤

  2. Excruciatingly painful, huh? While I’m excited for you for something you’ve wanted for a long time (yayy!), you’re making me reconsider my slightly whimsical “oh well that might be a good idea” thought of getting my legs done. Glad to have you back 🙂

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