Correspondence Sunday – Snail mail style :o)

Today was a perfect day to catch up on some correspondence. I’ve been building up my collection of cards over the last couple of months and I’ve also picked up a few more from the pretty shops around my flat whilst out exploring the area this week!

So with the sun shining and no plans to meet up with any of my friends today I thought I would take the opportunity to write to those that are further away and don’t get the chance to see as often as I’d like xx

It’s so nice to have so many friends scattered around this world and I want to make sure they all know how much they mean to me!! I’ve not got the best hand writing, but I’m hoping with a bit of practise it will improve. And I’m not the fastest writer in the world either, which is why I have decide to stick to postcards and greetings cards for the moment. I still haven’t managed to finished all that I had wanted to today, so I think I’ll have to carry a few in my handbag just so I have them to hand if I stop at a bench along the canal side or one of the little cafés near my flat through the week!!

There is something so lovely and personal about receiving post and in sending some too xx

So if you would like to receive post from me, or equally, if you would like to add me to your mailing list then please contact me at and leave me your postal address/ or ask for mine x

Do you enjoy receiving pretty post as much as I do?

Or do you prefer to be the sender?

Let me know xx



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