It’s freckle season

All this sunny weather has brought out the freckles on my nose!! heehee xxx

It has been quite lovely exploring my new neighbourhood in the warmth and as a result I’ve probably seen more and found more than I would have otherwise, it really is a very nice area I’m in, extremely inspiring and there is still plenty more to see and find xx

These photo’s were taken after a nice stroll along the canal side, a spot of lunch and a little shopping in the city centre on Monday x

I’m still trying very hard to stay away from the hair straighteners as I continue to battle with my Alopecia, so this is my hair with it’s natural wave……I’m getting to quite like it as a look, I do a little backcombing to give it some volume but other than that I don’t put any products in it.

Have you been making the most of the nice weather we’ve been having?

Let me know what you’ve been doing!! xx


4 thoughts on “It’s freckle season

  1. Nice pictures. The hair works for you without all the extras. You look good.
    Lucky you that the nice weather has hung on. It turned back to grey and rainy in Dundee midday Tuesday. I was wearing a skirt and light sweater and nearly froze on the way home. Gotta love Scottish weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Saw the sun for almost two minutes this morning! Maybe there’s hope.

  2. I’ve been letting my hair do whatever it feels like these days – and I’ve got to tell ou, I absolutely love it. It’s a curly/wavy hot mess that my sister likes to call me out on. That’s what sisters are probably for though, right? Hope things are going well!!

    • My sister would probably be exactly the same if her hair wasn’t even curlier than mine Chrystina …… hee hee x Your hair always looks amazing, I especially loved the red colour you had (or possibly still have?) on your twitter photo! ;o) x

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