Life on the canal

As you may have gathered (as it’s all I’ve talked about for the last couple of weeks) I have been moving home!! x

And it’s been the perfect week for it, the weather has been incredible!! I’m all unpacked and already feeling quite settled in, it’s perfect for me!!  And with suddenly having a back garden again I’ve been able to take full advantage of it, with my kitchen door permanently open throughout the day!! It so, so nice to have the option again x

But I hadn’t realised whilst viewing and decided to go for my new flat that it was so close to the Union Canal!! Whilst showing someone where my flat was on google maps I realised that it ran parallel to my street about 100yards away x So every day since I moved in, I have gone for a walk along the canal to soak up some of the atmosphere!!

It’s so beautiful and inspiring along there, that I thought I should take my camera along with me to try and capture some images to share with you xx

I’ve only explored this the last section of the canal so far, but I’m hoping to buy a bicycle very soon so I can start to explore further along the canal!

It has a really cool bridge on it that raises up a platform which allows barges to pass underneath, so much cooler than a lock in my opinion x

I couldn’t see any dates on it but it looks pretty old to me, they stopped using rivets like this a long time ago, didn’t they? x

Oh……there was this mental barge moored there in all it’s bright green-ness!!!!

Alongside some beautiful architecture that has been built at the beginning/end of the Canal filled with cafes, bars and restaurants x

A little sculpture too, I’d much prefer if there was real swans, but these will do for now xx

There is also a really nice picnic area to enjoy the views and enjoy the sunshine xx

On my walk home I came across this cute little van and just had to share it with you, I really want one …….. heehee xx


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