Boob job ♥

Well not quite a Boob job!!

I’ve had my friend Iona staying with me for the last few days and she kindly offered to be my photographer for a mini photo shoot on Thursday evening!!

So for a bit of fun I borrowed her DD false boobs to see what it would do to my overall figure…Hahaha xx

And these are the results x

I don’t usually allow any profile shots of me to go online as I hate my nose but I really like this shot. And I have to start embracing all my flaws and learning to love them xx

I also thought I should try to be a little more animated than usual when I had the luxury of a photographer, sadly I think I need more work as this was the best that we got!! xx

Not so sure about the contortionist act I tried for this shot, I thought I’d let you decided if it works or not??? Answers on postcards xx

This is my favourite shot of the evening I think, just simple and understated x

Thanks Iona xxx


8 thoughts on “Boob job ♥

  1. Vavavoom! Little Miss 38DD ;o)
    You look so pretty both in the flesh (so to speak) and from behind the lens.
    Your eyes really are the window to your soul, they are like beautiful pools of chocolate.
    Your face is a vision of happiness.
    Your personality shines through in all of these photos; you are kind, caring, compassionate and fun.
    It was a privilege to spend a few days with you – Im looking forward to the next time.
    Love Iona xxx

  2. You are pretty at the best of times, but now I my have to slap you – you’ve taken pretty to a WHOLE new level! SO! PMSL – GO, LUCY! love you xxxxxxx

  3. How fun!! I like the contortionist shot. I end up doing photoshoots of myself every so often, but I feel like it’s much easier with a photographer. Keep having fun with it, you look beautiful!

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