Edinburgh Castle print

Recently I’ve been doing a short course in framing and mounting and we were encouraged to find something of our own to practice with! I found this lovely print that I have of Edinburgh Castle that was in need of reframing!!

The existing mount had been bent at some point and needed replacing, but when I removed the mount I found that the paper the etching was on had a beautiful aged look that it seemed a shame to hide!!

So I decided to frame it in a way to show off the whole piece in all it’s glory!!

It has had some damage in the past and has been lovingly restored at some point which adds to it’s over all charm.

It was also a challenge to find a frame that would do it justice, I spent a whole day last week going round charity shops in Edinburgh to find one that I thought would compliment my print. But I think I have done quite well with this green and gold frame that cost me all of ยฃ2.95!!

I think I would like to source a similar green or light brown backing board to show it of better!! I think the darker tones would make it pop a lot more, but for now this is how it looks xx

Now what else can I frame?

I have the bug now xx


5 thoughts on “Edinburgh Castle print

  1. Hello from New Mexico, I have the first proof of this print of the castle in Edinburgh, I bought it in 1984 on my second visit to Scotland in a junk shop along with several pieces of pewter, all of which I still have and enjoy.
    I later became a volunteer for the Nat. Trust in Eng. and Scotland and did that for 25 years, as I made many visits. I also became a tour guide in Scotland and SW. Eng., mostly just a few people from New Mexico but was often joined by NT friends and their parents. Until two years ago I tried to make it to the UK at least once a year and share my beloved Scotland with friends. My husband was our driver on so many trips.
    I wonder if you know anything about the printmaker, it looks like it is Gordon Story. I am thinking of taking this to the Antique’s Roadshow this coming Sat. I have a ticket, but have no idea about this artist. I was very surprised to see this web site pop up.
    Please send any information you might have, and thank you

    • Hi Maureen,
      thank you for getting in touch and sorry for the delay in replying x
      Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out any information about this print either, but I have only been using Google so far x If you manage to find out any more information I would love to know.
      We originally got it as a gift from my one of ex-partners friends who’s mother restores old prints, but no info came with it unfortunately.
      The hunt goes on…….

  2. Hello,

    Did you ever hear any more about the artist as I have recently bought a copy of the etching that was sold as a first proof at an auction in Cork and have been unable to find out any information about the artist or the etching so far?

  3. I was in a charity shop today and I was researching the etching I purchased. The name Gordon Story is signed on my etching too. Very oddly the signatures don’t match. but then I looked further. All the other writing on your print, except the signature, is in fine light pencil, in a confident calligraphic script. I believe your signature was made by a young person trying to copy part of the print that was cut off, or ruined in some way. So oddly, despite the signatures not matching, I believe I have the mate to your print. My print is says, exactly: Edinburgh Castle (Royal Side) Gordon Story [then some illegible markings and dashes, that look extremely similar to yours along the bottom]
    Some very interesting things that cluster our two etchings together.
    -charity shop (these places often rotate stock and often I find lost pairs of things, this may have got to Stirling??)
    -etching design & style. As far as the etching goes it looks identical in style, size, age of paper (although the back of this has never been opened), color,
    -the only odd thing is your signature. It doesn’t make sense and I think it was written by an amateur hand
    -a pair might have more value if you put them in the same frame. I love the fact you exposed the broken paper, very original and I love that look.


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