I’m Back!!!

Hi friends,

Sorry for the radio silence lately, but it’s been a tough few weeks!!

This divorce is so stressful and so drawn out that it is taking it’s toll on me!!!!! Both mentally and now physically!!!

It’s unfortunate that my wife has felt that she has had to make it so horrid and ugly, but I have had to accept that that is how it is and that I just have to deal with it!!!

And that I am just going to have to live with the consequences that it is all having on my body, the latest being stress related hair loss or Alopecia as it is better known!! It has been getting worse over the last month with the patch on the top of my head getting bigger by the day!! The doctor has given me a steroid treatment to try and stop it but there is only a small chance of success! x

Over the past few months I have been so lucky to find that I have so many good friends, some in the real world who have been there for me x And some in the virtual world who even though the are miles away have been there just as much!! And I am truly thankful for them all xx

My friend Kirsten who featured heavily in my last post (the mother of the beautiful baby Bonham) sensed I was down and sent a lovely little gift  and card to cheer me up!! xx Which was so lovely xx And my sister sent me a little parcel last week with some pretty things in it which cheered me up no end xx

It has been so nice lately receiving mail and parcels in the name of Lucy Cameron too, it’s a hard thing to describe,  whether it’s because I know it will definitely not be bills and more likely something pretty or cute!! Or because it is something tangible that shows that things are changing!! But there is something exciting about it, that makes me smile xxx

So thank you to all my friends and family for getting me through the past few months and thank you in advance for sticking with me in the coming months too xxx It means a lot and I hope you know how much I appreciate all that you have done x


8 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!

  1. Goosey bumps as always!!!! Divorces are sent by the devil to try us Hun – we WILL overcome him!!!! Think good thoughts!!

    Thank you to you for being an inspiration to US!! I talk about you alot to my friends starting with the cyrptic Friend Request and contiuing with your amazing jouney and insight to it. And what a journey it is!!

    Lots of love and supporting hugs xx

    • Thanks Jacqui, it’s always nice to hear that someone that inspires me is finding some inspiration from me in return!! xxx And I’m sorry that I played with a little in the beginning. but it was fun ……. heehee xx ;p

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