Long absence, sorry x

Hi Everyone,

It’s been 2 weeks since my last post, I’m so sorry, but it’s only because I’ve been so busy doing lots of exciting things that I’ve not had the time sit for long enough to write for you xx

But I have a little time now, so thought I would do a little post to tell you a few of the things that has been keeping me busy.

On Monday past I had my big sister to stay as she had a course on the Tuesday in Edinburgh and she requested that Lucy pick her up from the station  and hang out with her for the evening. So obviously I had to oblige…..heehee x I was really nervous on the lead up to meeting her, but as it turned out I shouldn’t have been and in fact the hardest part of the evening was hanging about outside Haymarket train station waiting for her train to arrive with several people having a good stare at me whilst I stood there!! But my sis was great and it didn’t seem to take long before we were just doing normal chat and there was no mention of me being dressed any different to usual, which is the best possible outcome to the evening in my opinion.

Then on Thursday I got the opportunity to introduce Lucy to a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few year since we stopped working together in GAP!! It was so nice to see Frances after so many years, she was just as lovely as I remembered and we were chatting within minutes like it had only been a few weeks since we last blethered!! In fact, it seemed to get late very quickly and we chatted about some things so much that I forgot to answer all her questions about Gender stuff that she had wanted to know…..oops!! xx Well next time maybe…….haha xx Although a large proportion of the evening was taken up with opening and looking at all the gifts that Frances brought for me!! She said she put a few things together to help me get started on my journey into womanhood, which was so touching as Lucy has never received so many thoughtful gifts before!! And with money being pretty tight there isn’t much spare for treats like these, so I’m extremely grateful of any gifts to help x

I was so overwhelmed with her generosity, both of those gorgeous handbags were stuffed to overflowing with goodies!! I can’t believe how lucky I am!!

Amongst everything were these 2 pretty little handmade keyrings, which I love and already have attached to my bunch of keys!!!!!

There was loads of cool make-up from Elf for me to play with and master over the coming months xx

Oh and these adorable bracelets which I’ve hardly had off since I got them xx

I couldn’t possibly show you photos of every single thing Frances gave me, so last but certainly not least is this utterly adorable, gorgeous, pretty, cute, sweet and amazing handmade tweed handbag!! I don’t know if you are able tell that I absolutely adore and cherish this gift in particular, but I do xxxx

I completely forgot to take any photos whilst I had either of my visitors at the flat, too busy chatting  probably……oops sorry xx

My confidence is now sky high and I am looking forward to more meetings and outings in the future!!

It feels so nice to feel accepted and loved for who I am xx In all my close friendships I am noticing huge changes in the dynamics between us at the moment-in a good way- as we talk about thing now that would never have been possible in the past, so relationships are changing and attitudes are changing and I love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


15 thoughts on “Long absence, sorry x

  1. Ahhh Lucy – I’ve got goosey bumps reading taht and actually had a tear in my eye!! It sounds like you and Frances had a very special evening together! Also I can see Frances hasn’t changed at all – she always was a lovely lady!!

    Looking forwrad to your next post and in the meantime…have a FAB time with your neice and nephew!!


  2. OH DEAR ME!!! I seem to be making a real hash of this today!! I’m having a sneaky five mins away from the boring work and am rushing!! Thats my excuse anyway!!

    So FYI these post have not been left by “Jazzie”…they’be been left by me….Jacs xoxoxo

  3. Congrats on what sounds like a great step forward over the weekend! I was happy to read how you felt so accepted!! Fantastic!!


    PS I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new bracelets on you! 🙂

  4. Bless you – you’ve gone OTT on the thanks; it was just a wee thing to let you know that I’m very proud of you, having the courage within to say “this is who I am” – probably because I find that an extraordinarily difficult thing to do in my own life 🙂 Much love and see you soon, Frances xxx

    • I think you underestimate how much the gesture of giving gift’s to Lucy means Frances xxx It’s was a monumental experience for me accept those gift from you on the night and to express how much I loved them with out worrying if I seemed too girly xxx I’ve never experienced that before :o) xx

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