Practise makes perfect x

This weekend I decided to revisit a couple of my recipes and work on perfecting them x

With pretty good results, even if I do say so myself……hahaha!

I started with my Hazelnut Chocolate Macaroons that I tried for the first time back in January. Check out the original attempt here for comparison.

Which I believe I have improved on 10 fold with a much glossier finish and chewier consistency. I just need to work on the regularity in shape, but I’ve been looking into baking trays which have a small ring which helps create the perfect circle.

So I’ll still need a little bit more practice, but I think I have the recipe and mixing technique sorted now, leaving only the baking on a different tray left to work on! And I’m happy to make macaroons more often as they are a personal favourite!!

Talking of personal favourites brings me nicely to my second recipe of the weekend!! The Scone!! And this is my all time favourite cake item and therefore a must for me to perfect!

I followed the same recipe as before which you can find here. And this wasn’t so much about perfecting the recipe as speeding up how long it takes to make them from start to finish! It only took 30 minutes from getting all the ingredients together through to placing them on the cooling rack.

The only change I made to the last attempt was to cut them into squares by hand instead of the circular cutters! I think the look nicer this time as a result x


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