I’m a freak, it’s official!!!

Yesterday was quite a monumental day for me really!!

Over the past few months I have had appointments with 2 different consultants at the Sandyford Clinic (Gender Identity Clinic) in Glasgow where I have had to prove to them without any doubt that I have the wrong body!!

And yesterday was the day that I found out their professional opinion. And as you may of guessed they were both of the opinion that I am Transsexual and that I can go ahead and start hormones and work towards Gender Reassignment in the future!!

Good news? Kind of!! It’s a bit of a double edged sword for me at the moment in that, Yeah I’ve got the conformation that I wanted that the medical world believe me and understand my inner turmoil, but on the other hand for the rest of my life no matter how gorgeous/feminine I get I am always going to have the label “Transsexual” follow me around!!!! Which to me is societies way of saying “Pretend Woman”!!! And therefore “Freak” in my head!!

I know, I know!!! These are probably just my own issues, that I am going to have to confront over the coming months and years!! And that I have to learn to embrace the term and all it means to the wider society, good and bad, but that is going to be a challenge in it’s self!!

But for now I plan to just celebrate that I am not mad and that I know the medical experts don’t think so either! xx

So here is to day one of officially being Transexual!!! And all that entails xxx



5 thoughts on “I’m a freak, it’s official!!!

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait till I can officially get my membership card in the club. As far as your concerns, as you become more and more feminine, the only way others will know is if you wear your membership card on your forehead.

    Good luck down the road.


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