An evening with lovely friends x

Well it finally came around, my first night with two of my very dear friends xx

And it turned out to be more of an adventure than I had planned for!!

The original plan was to have a glamorous evening in, enjoying  nice company, many bottles of wine, takeaway and lot’s of pampering and therefore giving my friends the chance to meet and get to know Lucy better!! And everything was going according to plan until it came to time for us to order our takeaway, when suddenly it was suggested that we just go along to the local restaurant and sit in for a meal instead!!

Before I knew it I’d agreed and we were out the door and walking along the street (with all it’s cobbles……ouch) and sitting in a very busy and stylish Chinese Restaurant ordering wine and lots of tasty food xxx Not that I was complaining in the slightest…..heehee x

The food was yummy, the company great and the alcohol was rather nice too……hick x

The girls made me feel so comfortable, accepting me as if I’d always dressed that glamorously around them and just treated me as one of the girls, which was so, so lovely x My face hurt by the end of the night with laughing and smiling so much with glee………….It really was so special to just be me for a little while xx

Although I have to apologise for the lack of photos, we had some problems with the camera and most photos were very blurry……oops x

I picked out the best of the evening,  although they aren’t great (still quite blurry) hopefully they are good enough to give you an idea of the fun, relaxed evening we had! x

I didn’t manage to get any full length photos of myself with my beautiful new dress and shoes on! Oh dear, well the photo below is the closest I could find for now xx I promise to do a proper photoshoot to show them off very soon x

And here is to many more night’s with friends and possible adventures xxx

What did you all do this weekend?

I hope it was as fulfilling as mine xx


Lucky Lucy x

One thought on “An evening with lovely friends x

  1. My face hurt by the end of the night with laughing and smiling so much with glee…

    Yay for acceptance and good times. Lovely to read you had such a great time.

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