Happy feet

I’ve been loving this advert lately, I can’t help but smile when it comes on (Oh and do a little boogy sometimes too x).

This weekend just past was just such a nice weekend for me which also made me really happy xxx

I had my first friend (Sophie) come to stay over at my new flat. It was just so lovely and relaxed, we just sat around till the small hours setting the world to rights and discussing our plans for our futures xxx  She really cheered me up (which I am really grateful for) with her poignant yet hilarious anecdotes ……….lol xx

Then on Sunday I got the opportunity to go dress shopping in the city centre with a lovely new friend Michelle and her equally lovely husband Tony (although he spent most of his day in music shops). Michelle has a wedding in the summer which she needs to find a stunning dress for!! I think she just needed someone to be with her for a second opinion as she had a very clear vision of what she wanted and I was only to glad to offer any assistance I could.  I had so much fun making her try on endless amounts of dresses in each shop and then parading her around so we could discuss the pros and cons of each!! We didn’t actually find a dress on the day, but we did manage to work out which styles flatter her most and show off her assets to their best . We’ve even started planning our next shopping trip already to so she can make a final decision on a dress hopefully and we can start shopping for shoes, hats (or fascinators) handbags. All the things that I love shopping for most!!! Can’t wait xxx

So a very positive weekend that I am still buzzing from now xx

Here’s to a good week xxx



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