Stamping my mark!

For Christmas I got this really nice and pretty cool set of Alphabet stamps and have been itching for a chance to play with them!!

So when I was filling these storage jars with very similar looking flours and sugars I realised that I could put my new stamps to good use and make some fun/quirky labels!!

It was surprisingly hard to get the lettering straight unfortunately, maybe I just need a bit more practice, although a few of the letters weren’t very well centred on the stamp!! Honest x

All done! x And ready to find a home!!

I quite like them on this shelf, but that may change as my jar collection grows!!!

There is always the option of moving down a shelf or two so I can fit more on! As you will notice the shelves get quite deep by the bottom!

All in all I am pretty happy with the results I got and I look forward to finding more stuff around the house to stamp my mark on!!! In more ways than one x


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