Another week another challenge xx

And if you haven’t already managed to work it out, this week is cupcake week………Ta dah!!

I thought I would start simple and develop it over time!! So I went for a straight forward Vanilla cupcake, which was really easy to make in just a few minutes, with a plain Vanilla Butter icing to decorate!! And the wafer roll just add a bit of fun, I think x

Although they went down well with my friends, I wasn’t overly impressed with this recipe!! They were quite dense and heavy in my opinion, so I think I will have to try a different recipe next time!!

I think they still looked pretty good so I took a few photos to show you all – as per usual…..haha x

Hopefully you will understand why I’m not going to share the recipe this time and why I want to wait until I’ve found a better recipe to share!!

Can you tell it’s my first attempt at piping?

I got a new syringe style piping bag thingy for Christmas that came in handy for playing around with icing.  I need to learn how to fill it better as I’m sure I wasn’t suppose to create quite so much mess!!

It also gives me the opportunity to introduce you to the new sets of china I found this week in the charity shops. My favourite two finds so far and they really compliment each other so well, it almost seems like a shame to drill holes in them!! Maybe I’ll just keep these for myself!!! ;p

They looked pretty cute on my cake stand too!! ♥

9 thoughts on “Cupcakes!!!

    • The butter icing (or frosting for you Chrystina) was ok, but not amazing!! A used a shops own brand (Walmart or Asda Walmart as it is known in this country) to try it , but I think I will go back to Betty Crocker next time or make my own!!

  1. They were minging – chewin on them for ages ! You never heard o Bero !!

    Ha ha ha ! Kiddin you on – Yum yum yum in ma tum tum tum !!!

    You tried your Motox yet ?

  2. You need to make your own icing – easy peasy when you have a hand mixer 🙂 Then you can experiment with colours and flavours too. – the possibilities are endless – then there’s sprinkles and decorations…eek the excitement is too much ❤

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