Piano Man (or Girl)!! x

Last night was my first piano lesson!!

I’ve been looking forward to this for about a month now, so it was really nice that it finally came around!

My tutor is lovely and very chatty, so much so, that my 45min lesson lasted an 1hr 30mins!! haha x

I took a little video on my phone of me playing the first (very basic) piece that I have played!!

I was extremely excited about it, you’re probably not so!! But I am so happy that I have found a new passion in life and I think it’s great that I am enjoying ย it so much xx

And now I have a reference of where I was at this point, so I can refer back to it from time to time and see how far I’ve come!! x

But be warned I may subject you to more random videos at any time when Iย accomplish something new and exciting!! Although I can only take videos on my phone at the moment, so can only take them whilst I am still playing with only one hand!!! heehee x


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