My first Tea party! ♥

On Tuesday I got the chance to host my first ever Tea party, it was so much fun to organise! I spent the evening before baking Hazelnut Chocolate Macaroons and these delicious Scones. It gave me an excuse to use my new cake stand that I made on Monday and some of the pretty crockery that I have been collecting lately! This all made me very happy x

I only realised shortly before my guests arrived that there was a couple of things that I don’t actually own any more that were pretty crucial for an afternoon tea!! Like a TEAPOT!!! How could I forget that?

And a pretty tablecloth would have been nice too, but wasn’t essential for the over all effect!

I’ll need to keep an eye out when I am in the Charity shops trying to find tea services to see if there are any nice teapots there too! And I’ll have fun searching I’m sure xxx

So, who’s up for attending my next Tea party? x


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