New Year, New look! Huge List!

Happy New Year everyone xxx

I thought I would start the year as I mean to go on, with big steps in new directions!

From making new friends to starting my new businesses there is a lot to achieve this year. I have the opportunity over the coming months to make lot’s of changes in my life to make me happier in the future, so I plan to embrace it fully and see where it takes me xx

Since coming out to my family and friends a few months ago I have already noticed how much my Anxiety levels have dropped which means the possibilities of what I can achieve are so much more than they were before, which means I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter that presents itself!!

So firstly let me introduce you to the first big change, my new long hair!!…………..Mwah x

What do you you think?

To drastic?

Or a pleasant change for the better?

I ♥ it lots x

I’ve also been losing weight for the last few months and feel a lot more confident about my image again, I still have a bit more to lose to get to my target weight but I am already reaping the benefits of my efforts so far!!

Although with all the baking practise that I have planned, I may put it all on again!! ………Eeek!! I really need to find friends who like eating cakes, so I don’t have to eat them all myself!!

I have prepared a list of things that I think I can achieve this year! It is as follows:

  1. Get to my target weight of 11 stone! That is 1 stone 4 pounds more to lose!!
  2. Practise a new home baking recipe every week for 3 months (starting now)!
  3. Make new friends!
  4. Start my new Businesses (Yes! Note that is plural) (More on those to follow very soon xx)
  5. Do lot’s more crafting, in my room of joy…….haha x
  6. Learn to play the piano (first lesson on the 9th of January), I’m so excited to get started on this one!!
  7. See my family more, just because it makes me happy to spend time with them xx
  8. Go on a foreign adventure on my own (San Francisco is my preferred option at the moment, but that may change)!
  9. To Blog at least twice a week for the next 6 months (One of which should be baking related, see No.2 for more details….haha)
  10. Get pretty long flowing hair (which is really on here only so it can be ticked off….heehee)

There are a few more ideas that I am toying with that I am not sure I can achieve within the next year so I won’t add them to the list yet!! But hopefully 1 or 2 may just work out naturally whilst achieving lots of the others xx ;p

I definitely have an “I can” attitude to life at the moment, being back in our gorgeous capital Edinburgh is inspiring me so much!! I really need to capitalise on this and get the momentum that I need to motivate myself to achieve as much, if not all of my list!!

Wish me luck xxx

Although my new hair is the first thing to be scored off my list of things to achieve in 2012, I’ve still got quite a long list to get through!!

Even if I don’t manage to achieve any more of my list, just the fact that I have a sense of purpose and the will to achieve at the moment means that along the way I will achieve other new and exciting things that I haven’t even dreamed of yet!!…….Fact!! x

I have an exciting (and I’m sure a little scary) year ahead of me!!!

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

I hope it is something fun?

We all need some fun in our life x


4 thoughts on “New Year, New look! Huge List!

  1. Swit Swoo! Lovin’ the hair x
    My that’s a long list but a really positive one 🙂
    We’re with you all the way xx

  2. I see everybody’s got a plan for 2012 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck!!

    PS. I love the photography on this site, definitely great.

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