Where will it all go?

Well I’m home from my sisters house and I thought I would share with you all (or most!!) of the gifts I received from family and friends this year for Christmas!

I was and still am so overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone this year, I received so many thoughtful and heartfelt gifts x

So many of the gifts are (or will be) so inspiring for me as I start to get my life in order in the coming months!!

Look at it all, so much more than I deserve, but thanks everyone xxx I must note there are a couple of items missing from the collection, a Keyboard that I couldn’t fit in my car (that will join me into the new year when my sister and nephew come to visit) and Poppy (a very personal and touching gift from my sister) who may or may not appear in a future blog, I’ve yet to decide x

There was definitely a very strong girly and nesting theme running through my gifts this year as you will no doubt notice x It was really nice on Christmas morning to be so excited when opening all my parcels to find that inside were things that suit my personality finally! Not that I am ungrateful for gifts on previous years, but you know what I mean!! x

There was a surprising amount of baking accoutrements amongst my gift’s which will come in very handy now that I need to become accomplished at baking over the next few months!! I’ll explain more about that in a future blog x And all the baking practice may come in handy with making new friends too hopefully x heehee x

There was also a nice pink bookmark to use in the sales to buy things I ♥!! Looking forward to spending it already!!!

This lovely set of 4 adorable spotty espresso cups and saucers were a gift from my youngest nephew! And I have already found the perfect place to put them x

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without something knitted!!!!! In my stocking from Santa, there was this little Christmas pudding in all its fluffiness, which made me smile x

Now I just have to figure out where I am going to fit all of these lovely gifts in my new flat!! I think another bit of reorganising  is in order!!

What did you all get?

Just because I am nosey!!

Thanks again everyone for the lovely gifts xx I love you all x


One thought on “Where will it all go?

  1. Some beautiful gifts and beautifully presented may I add. However, I’m somewhat intrigued as to whether it’s Poppy or your sister which may or may not appear in your blog sometime in the future! lol

    What did I get for Christmas? Family, Love, Laughter, Overindulgence, Generosity, Resilience, Sunshine, Wind and Dancing – what more could I want?

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