I’ve got Christmas all wrapped up!

I can’t believe I am so organised this year!!! I am usually still shopping on Christmas eve right up until the shops close and frantically wrapping all evening to get presents under the tree xx But not this year! Oh No! Well until I remember that I’ve forgotten someone xx

I’ve never had great wrapping skills, so I decided to challenge myself to be better!! I’ve always thought brown paper and colourful ribbon would make an interesting wrapping medium, so I thought I would try it out. With varying results! I really like the red Gingham and the other red ribbon with Merry Christmas written on it, but not so sure about the other colours for wrapping Christmas presents! What do you think?






Have you got Christmas all wrapped up?

Or are you a last minute type like I usually am?

Merry Christmas xxx



4 thoughts on “I’ve got Christmas all wrapped up!

  1. They’re gorgeous….. I actually like the concept of brown wrapping paper……. the ribbons are great but I like the red colours, gingham is the best but they all look good. Like the no tags as well and just writing on the paper…….
    I’ve not bought all mines so need to wait until Friday to do that on my day off inbetween hospital visits…… then put them under my tree…. oh wait a minute I don’t have a tree up!!!!!!
    Oh, by the way, nothing wrong with your wrapping skills!!!!


    • I think you are correct Aileen, you are my wrapping Guru of yester-year after all!! Maybe I’ll be organised enough by next year to try some more technical Jedi master stuff ;o) Or……… you can come and run workshops in my tearoom on how to wrap presents for Christmas???!! I didn’t get the chance to tell you about that when I saw you xx Does that mean I now owe you Spag bol for imparting your wisdom upon me? x

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