Best Friend ♥

For years now my best friend and I have joked that we are not only each others best friends, but also each others ONLY friends!!

For this reason he was the one I was most scared of coming out to a few months ago, as I could have been down to ZERO Friends ……..Eeek!!

But he has been so sweet and lovely to me since finding out and it’s nice to know that he is trying to get his head round all this gender stuff.

Well anyway, today I had a little visit from him and his adorable wife and they brought me some house warming gifts x I like Presents!!

The sentiment of one of them was so touching that I just had to share it with you all x And it’s heart shaped x

And the other gift  just looks so pretty in my window!! I♥ shiny stars x

Their gifts made my day and made me smile!!

True friendship…………………..Fact!!!!

Cheers best mate x


One thought on “Best Friend ♥

  1. Friends are precious and you don’t always know who you’re real friends are until things go wrong or are hard. Cherish the friends you have but also look forward to to the new friends you will make on your journey.

    It’s great getting surprises from those close to you…..


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