Here today, Scone tomorrow.

I’ve had a hankering for homemade scones for the last couple months since my wife left and no matter how many hint’s I dropped to her when I’ve seen her none have appeared *shock*, so I finally bit the bullet and decided to attempt them myself xxx

I followed a recipe by Valentine Warner from BBC – Food – Recipes

Firstly as a Novice I thought I better get  myself organised!!!  heehee x

I followed the recipe to the letter and here is the result!

What do you think??

Not bad for a first attempt, I think x

I went with Clotted cream and delicious homemade raspberry jam on my first one……..mmmmmm x

And that is Clotted cream first then Jam on top!!

How do you like yours?

I reckon the rest of the batch won’t last till the end of tomorrow!! Nom nom x

But I think I will have to attempt a few more baking challenges as this was really easy……………Cupcakes perhaps?!

14 thoughts on “Here today, Scone tomorrow.

  1. yum yum….. I like them hot with butter melting through them….. or with cream and jam….. or with fruit through them…… or with cheese on top…….

    If you like soda scones they are really easy, I’ve made them once!!!!! and only take about 10 minutes to cook (if you’re lucky) and they taste scrummy with melted cheese and tomato……

    Now I’m hungry!!!!!

  2. You should have been here last night to get one straight from the oven Annette x :o)
    They are delicious but not the same as Kate’s which are a Valentine Warner recipe too xxx I’ll have to sneak a peak at his recipe when I’m in a bookshop next to see what is different!! ;p
    I’ll also have to try a cheese and tomato scone sandwich sometime xxx

    Lucy x

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