Mac – Haul

I finally took the plunge and have left Bobbi brown…………Hoorah!!

It cost me a small fortune, but hopefully it will prove to be worth every penny!

I have been toying with the idea of trying out MAC for quite a while now, but have always managed to find an excuse not to take the leap.

But over the last few months, I’ve asked several girls which makeup they use to look so gorgeous and the answer kept coming back the same!!!

Mac xxx

So what did I get?

1) Line filler base – an excellent primer

2) Studio fix fluid – in NW20

3) Studio finish concealer – in NW20

4) Transparent finishing powder

5) Lipstick – in Russian Red

6) Lipstick – in Please me!

So watch this space for how it all looks on, I’m looking forward to playing with it all and seeing what I can create!!

Oh I do love new makeup ……… And playing with it!!! xxx


One thought on “Mac – Haul

  1. I used to use a lot of Bobbi Brown and still do but find that Bare Essential Mineral (foundation) make-up works really well to cover up my imperfections….

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