The quickest photoshoot in history!!

Yesterday I thought I would try to do a self-portrait shoot on a piece of disused Railway track near our house!!

So I made my way down there with all my gear (camera bag, tripod, handbag, spare shoes for walking along the railway side) and started setting up.

I then became aware of a man crossing over the tracks a couple of hundred yards away, he then walked up the footpath running along the rail side, passing me and having a good look at me as he did, I didn’t think much of it at the time and continued levelling out my tripod and fixing my camera to it!

As I was focussing and lining up my shot I noticed this same man cross the line further up and start to head back down the footpath on the opposite side!

Then I lost him from my sights for a while as I was taking a few test shots, but I was aware he hadn’t actually come down passed where I was, so where was he???

I had a good look around and eventually found him watching me from behind a bush……….creepy!

I really was creeped out at this point and made a dash back to my car with my gear, so much so that I didn’t even change into my sensible footwear (I’ve completely wrecked my new heels) until I got back to the car!!!

So all I had to show for my efforts was a few test shots and a some badly scratched heels!!

I am going to post one of these shots for the fun of it, but I hope you all understand this is not up to my usual standard ( I hadn’t even taken off my Jacket or laid down my handbag by this time)

I’ll hopefully try again in the next few weeks to do a proper shoot, so I can post some nice pics xxx


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