Big feet – small shoes!

I find that I squeeze myself into shoes that are much smaller than I should sometimes just to be able to have nice shoes, the reason being that I am a UK size 9 (US size 11, I think) and I find it really hard to find nice and fashionable shoes in sizes past UK size 8!!

It’s a real problem, especially since Faith shoes went into administration in the recent credit crunch, that seems to have me in an obsessive search to find shoes that don’t seem to exist anywhere out there!!

At the moment I am looking for a pair of round toed medium heels with a reasonably sturdy heel (possibly a cone heel) for everyday wear and don’t seem to be able to find anything, anywhere!!!

There are lots of shops that offer sizes over size 8 out there, but most of the shoes my Gran wouldn’t even wear!!

Also a lot of  that do offer larger sizes only offer flat clumpy shoes, what’s that all about? I want beautiful heels just like the next girl!

However there are a few shops offering heels in my size, but the choice is sparse in comparison to whats available to those with “normal” sized feet!!

A few of the places I have found in my online quest are:

Big shoe Boutique – which offer up to size 11 in women’s shoes, although most of the styles they offer are from Priceless shoes which look and feel poor in quality!

Next – They offer almost all their shoes up to UK size 9/Eur 43, but I think their standard width must be quite narrow as I find it a bit hit and miss sometimes!

New look – Quite a lot of shoes go up to UK size 9/ Eur 42.  So they can be a little too small compared to size 9’s from other stores.

Debenhams – At the moment they only offer flat shoes in their own ranges up to a 9. But they do have concessions of a few of brands that offer larger sizes like Nine west and have all that’s left of the brand Faith (which will hopefully build back up to offer a good range again).

Dorothy perkins – Although at the moment online they have got much on offer in a size 9, they will hopefully have more to offer again soon……Please Dotty P’s xxxx

Long tall sally – Going up to size 11, they have a few nice styles at the moment, but they just don’t have as many styles as other stores and don’t release new styles often enough!! – They offer a few brands that go up to a size 9 and also their own Fearne and holly ranges go up to 9 too xxx Not bought anything from there yet so can’t comment on the quality of any of the brands.

Brantano – This store goes up to size 10, but personally I find their shoes are a little frumpy most of the time and they don’t offer much that is fashionable or on trend!

Jones the bootmaker – Jones do from frumpy/comfy to uber sexy up to size 9/eur 42! Just wish I could afford them *Sad face*

River Island – According to their website the do size 9, but I haven’t ever found any that are actually in stock – Poor show!!

Amber and Jade – They have the cutest website and some of the cutest shoes too xxx They make shoes up to size 13 in a few different widths, unfortunetly I haven’t been able to afford any of their wonderful shoes since I have found their site, check out these babies x

Well these are a few of my usual haunts.

If you know of any more that sell really nice shoes in larger sizes please let me know xx

Lucy x

PS…. I love these xxxx Come on Dorothy Perkins please gives us heels in size 9


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