Tall girls!!!

Are you tall like me?

Do you find it hard to find nice clothes and shoes in tall sizes?

Then I feel for you, at 6ft I can very rarely buy anything else other than tall clothing!

I see lots of pretty things that I would love to wear, but unfortunately I can only look as they would be far to short for me.

There are a few high street stores that tailor for us taller girls but they only have a small selection of their collections in their tall range. And usually it is hard to put an outfit together from one store as not many seem think through any outfitting options!!!

But some are getting better, like New Look, Next and Dorothy perkins. They have all come a long way in the last couple of years, offering more and more from one collection to the next!

Some in my opinion still have a long way to go, like Topshop who usually have the most on trend collection of all the stores, but really should call it “a little taller than usual collection” as it does come in a lot shorter than the rest!! Where as Long tall sally have always catered for the more mature ladies among us and recent attempts to appeal to a younger market have been a bit hit and miss to be honest!! Finally I am going to mention a new player on the block, Very.co.uk which is really littlewoods in disguise, is a relatively new find for me, but I have been keeping an eye on their collection but have not yet seen anything worth buying………..full stop.

Since Faith shoes  went into administration I have really struggled to find nice shoes in size 9 ,  so I will let you know which shoe shops i have found that offer bigger sizes next time!!!

So for now I’ll leave you with a few items that I like out there at the moment xxx


2 thoughts on “Tall girls!!!

  1. I am not tall but women are getting taller so shops should be making more of an effort to please all customers, including older ones, like me, who can’t see or be bothered with tiny buttons anymore!

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