Military winter…….Brrrrrr

Have you been feeling the cold lately as much as I have?

Winter really is here!!!

This week has been about getting the winter wardrobe sorted out, to stay toasty when we are out!!

First I needed a nice jacket, but finances are quite tight this year so I had a very small budget to work with, but I think i have done well.

This jacket from New Look is what I have gone with and I am confident that it will do me next year too.

Next on my list was some sensible shoes which I was able to get in the same shop which was convenient ;○) So I went for these brogues, which go perfectly with woolly tights and my cute tweed shorts (which I dont have a link too as I have had them a while now).

I’ve made a good start with my purchases so far , but I still need a hat, gloves and scarf to keep those other extremities from getting frostbite! I want these from Dorothy perkins !

Oh and probably a few wolly jumpers/ cardis before the winter is over…….heehee xx


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