Christmas is coming

My first Blog post………….the pressure……….How to begin?

I thought I would just start as if I’d been blogging for years and delve straight in with what’s going on in my life right now!

So here goes!!

Christmas is fast approaching  which you will have no doubt noticed if you have been in any shop recently!

Well preparations are well underway in our house for this years festivities, now you may think this is a little early but I’ll explain.

A few years back our family decided to set some rules for Christmas gifting to help us all stop being so extravagant!

These rules being:

All gifts should be either Homemade, Fairtraded/Ethically sourced or from a charity shop/catalogue.

Although this helps to keep our spending down, it does prove to be more challenging and it takes a lot more thought and organisation to give everyone something  more personal. Each year we have gone down the handmade route so far and are continuing with that this year too 🙂

Obviously it’s a little early to let you know what we are planning to do for this year (incase any inquisitive eyes are reading this), but I thought I would share with you what we did for last year, hopefully inspiring some of you to try something similar.

I can’t quite remember how we came to the decision to make a Calendar or how we came up with the theme of “Vegetable/Fruit puns” but we did and these are the result of our efforts, enjoy xx

We had so much fun creating the characters and backdrops, but it was a steep learning curve in trying to stage still life photos and equally challenging to light them, but I think it was worth it 🙂 Peas on Earth is one of my favourites, that’s probably because it was technically the most challenging to pull off!

Oh and you’ll have to pop back to see what we did this Christmas in the new year…….Sorry xx


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